Do You Know How Powerful They Are?

How we feel about ourselves influences every aspect of our lives and how we interact with the world.  Circumstances and events can make us extremely angry, cause us great sorrow, push us into ‘blame’ (of others and ourselves) can send us spiralling into the depths of despair and having the strength to climb up again, seems impossible.

We British are a funny bunch.  Whenever we’re asked how we are, we have a standard answer “I’m fine, thank you” even though we could be breaking up inside.wild-rose-lifted

We don’t talk about our emotions!

Feelings are forbidden territory!  We don’t talk about how we feel. We Brits keep a stiff upper lip, you know.

And yet our emotions are so important.  Life is about feelings!

And if you’re interested in the law of attraction and have been listening to me for a while, you’ll know that although your thoughts are important, it’s your feelings that are creating your lives.

Even though emotions are so important,  we push them down and anger and grief turn into depression and anxiety and a lack of self- worth and self- confidence develops.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety: lack of confidence and self-doubt, and you’ve been feeling them for a while, this means that these feelings are churning away at a deep level, and no matter how hard you try to keep positive,  it’s going to be difficult to create a happy life.  (You can’t reach a happy destination if the journey there hasn’t been happy).

Your strongest and most intense emotions are creating your life, without you knowing it.

If you have difficulty changing negative thoughts to positive, it’s because your emotions are so strong, it’s difficult to let them go.  So it’s time to call on some help.

edward-bachBach Flower Remedies are natural remedies that are so easy to use, and most importantly,  they work!  If they don’t work for you, then either you’ve chosen the wrong remedy for your feelings, or you haven’t taken it ‘properly’.  4 drops of Rescue Remedy on your tongue every now and again is not going to heal years of depression!

If you’re a Bach-lover, you’ll remember exactly when you were introduced to the remedies.  My first encounter with them was over 35 years ago when my 7 year old daughter was very ill.  She was so frail and her medication was having no effect at all.  One day, in despair, I said to the universe and God, ‘there has to be another way”.  At the same time, I absently mindedly turned on the radio, and there was an interview with a homoeopath!  (Talk about instant manifestation!)

As well as the homoeopathic remedies, the homeopath gave her a Bach Flower Remedy.
Within 3 days my darling daughter began to blossom and change in front of my eyes.  I was hooked!   impatiens

Shortly afterwards, I started to use them myself.  The first one I used, is one of the most common of all the remedies (because it heals and soothes a very common emotion), Impatiens.

If you’re interested in learning more about this amazingly powerful tool you can use to help you heal your hurts and pain, have a look at my Bach Flower Essences On-line Course.


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Rose Todd

  • Judith says:

    Love the new look to your website Very inviting and powerful. I love Bach Flower Remedies.

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      Hello Judith. Thank you. It’s my son’s handywork. I’m very pleased with all the help he’s given me over the last year. I hope all is well with you.

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