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“What do you think I should do ….?”

Do you live with indecision and uncertainty?  Do you find yourself asking others “What do you think I should do”?  If it’s difficult to make up your mind and stick to your decision, then there’s a Bach Flower Remedy to help you. Difficult to make up your mind There are two remedies for indecision, Scleranthus and […]

Bach Flower Blog. Stress Free Living

Under Stress? How often do you feel you’re under stress?  Proably more often than you realise. In this moment now, you’re either enjoying or not enjoying your life. If you’re not enjoying it, what’s stopping you from doing so?  I can here you saying “STRESS!” We talk a lot about stress these days. Everyone seems […]

Something completely different

At the beginning of each new year I receive what I loosely call ‘predictions’ for the coming year from various spiritual teachers.  The first one to arrive in my in-box was written by Jennifer Hoffman (who channels Archangel Uriel).  Jennifer is also an astrologer and a numerologist.  I feel that her predictions are drawn from […]