“What do you think I should do ….?”

Do you live with indecision and uncertainty?  Do you find yourself asking others “What do you think I should do”?  If it’s difficult to make up your mind and stick to your decision, then there’s a Bach Flower Remedy to help you.

Difficult to make up your mind

There are two remedies for indecision, Scleranthus and Cerato.
can’t make up their mind: but doesn’t talk about it.
Cerato – talks about their indecision and asked the advice of others.

Both Scleranthus and Cerato are part of the Twelve Healers (which means that they are Type or Soul remedies. There is a definite personality for the each of the Twelve Healers).

Cerato types are easy going and flexible but they don’t trust themselves to make the right decision, so they live in a constant state of uncertainty.

Don’t trust their own judgement

If  you’re in a Cerato state you cannot make up your mind and you constantly seek the advice of others: “what do you think”? you ask of everyone.  Those in a Cerato state are very easily influenced by others and so often will allow their identity to be controlled by others.

You’ll be lead astray by the opinions and advice of others and sadly, usually find out the hard way, that it wasn’t the right decision for you.

When you need  Cerato, you like gather information as you like to be sure you’ve got all the information before you can decide. Although you know a lot, remember you don’t trust yourself, so you don’t use or share what you’ve learnt.

With having a flexible outlook on life, Cerato can’t possible decide what is right or wrong because everything can feel ‘right’, so in a Cerato state you question your decision a moment after you made it.

Need for approval

As Cerato is always asking the opinions of others, they frequently appear gullible.  They have a weak sense of their own identity, hence are not able to make up their mind.  They like convention, as it gives them ‘form’ or a foundation for life.  They like to know what’s ‘in’ and imitate others, so they can be ‘in with the In-Crowd’.  Then they’ll know they’ve got it right!

Cerato people are curious and love to learn and that includes seeking and acquiring self-knowledge. 

Over to you. Whether you’re taking on a challenge and seeking a special goal and want to keep your confidence high; or perhaps you’re lonely and looking for that one special relationship, or you’re looking for more out of life, Bach Flower Therapy can help you achieve your goal, help you meet someone special and help you find your higher purpose in life.

Through studying the Bach Flower Remedies, as you search for the remedy that is going to help you feel better, you’ll gain self-knowledge and can be guided to living your full potential.
They are amazingly powerful remedies.  Click here to find our more about the Remedies and this powerful method of healing.

As always, I love hearing from youj, so please leave your thoughts, your comments and your questions too.
(isn’t Cerato a beautiful colour?  The flowers grow in a group together and each flower is no bigger than your little finger nail!)

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Rose Todd

  • Cora says:

    Hi Rose

    Love ur blogs

    Just noticed there is no explanation for schleranthus

    There is for cerato


    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Cora. Thank you for your comment.
      In the blog I mentioned that Scleranthus doesn’t talk about their indecision and Cerato does.
      As the blog was the question “what do you think I should do about this? – that automatically indicated Cerato and not Schleranthus. And so I didn’t give any further information about Sclerathus.
      I hope this helps. I’m sure I’ve done a blog about Schleranthus. If I haven’t I’ll do so soon!
      I’m glad you like the blogs. Thank you.
      Take care. Rose

  • Lot says:

    Hi Rose, I’m very happy I’ve found your blog! Would you also give Cerato to those who are afraid of the opinions and judgments of others? Afraid to be rejected or being gossiped about because of something he/she did?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Lot. Thank you forgetting in touch. And I’m glad you found the blog helpful.
      No. Cerato is an ‘Uncertain’ remedy. They do not trust their own judement.
      It isn’t a ‘fear/anxiety’ remedy.
      My question to you is … why do you feel afraid of the opinions of others? Afraid of being rejected? The reason why,will indicate which remedy would best help you.
      Is it because you’ve been criticised a lot perhaps as a child? Afraid of doing it/getting it wrong? So wrong that in fact people will ‘reject you’?
      If so, then Pine for feelings of shame and Larch for self-confidence will help you.
      I’m sure these remedies would help you. Enjpy taking the remedies. Warm wishes, Rose

      • Lot says:

        Thank you Rose, this answer was incredibly helpful and clarifying!

        What I’m wondering today is if Cerato would maybe be helpful for people who are disconnected from their feelings/body and are very ‘heady’ instead – not in a floaty Clematis way. Or would White Chestnut be better for that?

        Warm wishes back to you 🙂

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Lot.I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and found it helpful.
          You’re coming at the remedies from the wrong angle. To start with you’re ‘thinking’ about what might work in ‘situations’ and you’re not taking the emotions/feelings of the person.
          So, in a nut shell, always start with how you or the other are feelings, and don’t you ‘think’ about what might work.
          Then you’ll be on the right track to choose good remedies. I hope this is helpful too. Rose

          • Lot says:

            This is really good advice, thank you Rose!

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hi Lot. It’s a pleasure. I hope to get your Bach Guides in the post today or tomorrow. Rose.

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