The Year Of The Woman

It is hundred years since women were given the vote. Albeit that only those women who were householders over 30 could vote.  However, at last woman had some power. They now had the power to choose, and have a say, in who ran their country.  All those years ago an important ‘power’ was put back into the hands of women and, now one hundred years later, its now accepted that another important power is only in your hands too – the power to choose and create your life via the Law of Attraction.

Power Over …

Often when we talk about Power, we think about someone with ‘power over’… the power the big bully has over a small child: the power the boss has over his staff, keeping them in line with threats of dismissal and, probably the broadest and largest group of ‘power over’ people, is found in marriage. Even now, a century later, there are still women who are physically beaten and emotionally abused in a marriage.

Power to …

But by just changing one word – over into to– you change everything. One hundred years on, women are coming more into their own power without having to bow to a masculine singular authority. Women (and loads of men too) are realising the new truth that they do create their own reality.

You have the will and the power to guide your life where you want to go – and you are using your power of choice, the incredible power of your mind along with the astonishing power of your emotions, to create an extrodinary fulfilling life of happiness and success.


Accepting that you have the power to create your own reality is not an easy thing. It comes with huge responsibility. You must accept that if you’re experiencing something, then you created it. There is no blame involved in this way of life. You create everything.
Although its hard, there’s real beauty in it all.  As you’re the only one who can create your life, it means that you’re the only one that can change it. This is empowering and gives you incredible freedom.

Heal the hurt

Intricately involved in accepting the responsibility for your life is the fact that you must let go of the pain of the past. But, as you know, if you’ve tried to do that, it’s a really difficult thing to do.
However, if you find a way to heal your hurts; to heal your anger, sorrow, anxieties and fears and a myriad of other negative feelings, then there is nothing tying you to your past negativity. And you’re ready to step forth into a new and glorious life.

Being Grateful

You create your own reality – lock, stock and barrel. This means you created all the things you don’t like as well as creating all the good stuff. Hard as it may seem, everything in your life is perfect because it’s showing you a belief you have about yourself and your belief about those around you too.

Even though you may not be in an ideal situation and life may not be as you want it to be, when you look around you and are grateful for all you have (and believe me, you have more to be grateful for than you realise), it immediately changes negative thoughts into positive and you instantly begin to feel better.

Over to you … in more ways than one.

The Power to choose is within your hands. You can choose to be steered by another, or you and make your own choices. It’s your life; its your given right to choose what you prefer.
It’s your life – you have the power to  ———— fill in the blank  

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