Bach Blog. Spending New Year with Loneliness?

As 2019 slips away and 2020 begins its journey, I wonder what you’re doing on New Year’s Eve. Perhaps you’re going partying and are heading out to meet friends, or going into out with your loved ones to see the festive lights and fireworks.

Or perhaps you’re one of the millions who will be lonely on New Years Eve.  Perhaps you’re staying at home because not only is there nowhere to go, but more importantly there’s no one to go with and the feeling of loneliness overwhelms you.


Loneliness is one of the deepest of all our emotions.  It’s right down there with feelings of worthlessness that create a hollow feeling inside.  It’s a dreadful feeling.  Even if you’re not feeling lonely now, I know you’ve been there.  We all have – often.

The next step down from loneliness is hopelessness and despair and the feeling that life has no meaning.  This is a dark place to be.

Is this something I should be talking about with New Year’s Eve just around the corner?  However, if you’ve got something planned you’ll not reading this.  But, if you’re lonely right now – then this is something that is uppermost in your mind.

How do you feel…  ?

If you know me, then you know how often I ask “how do you feel”?  And if you’re feeling lonely right now,  I’d ask you “how do you feel“?  And I’d expect you to  say “Lonely.  I’m very  lonely”! 

And although there are 3 remedies listed in the Bach Flower group for Loneliness, strangely none of those remedies will help you now.    Your overwhelming feeling is that of sadness!

Dreadful state…

Loneliness is a dreadful state. It’s one of the deepest states of despair and depression.  We’re really just like bees. We like to live in a community; we constantly seek a sense of belonging.  And that one special relationship is so important to us.

There’s a common saying ‘no man is an island unto himself’.  We really do hate being alone.  It makes us sad and accentuates of feelings of worthlessness.

We need to be loved and we want to share our love with others.  Being alone is foreign to us.

A true (and happy) story- which could help you now!

I was holding a small Bach Flower afternoon workshop on Anxiety and Depression.  Sue decided to come to the workshop as she wanted to be with people who were feeling like her. Her husband had died 10 months previously and she couldn’t get over it and was depressed.  She said more than once how lonely she was and how the house was empty.    What happened next was a surprise to her.

I’ll let Sue tell you herself.  

Star of Bethlehem.

Star of Bethlehem brought about this amazing change.  Although Sue was depressed because she was still grieving for her lost husband and she was lonely!  She was sad – very sad indeed.

This wonderful remedy is for shock and trauma and grief.  And you can see how quickly it acts.
Star of Bethlehem is in Rescue Remedy.  So, when you’re lonely put 2 drops of Rescue Remedy into a glass of water and sip it frequently – and put on some jolly music.  Music feeds and lifts the soul!

Choose which remedies you need can be tricky, so here’s something that you’ll love and can help you.

For now, here are 3 other remedies that will help heal your loneliness.

Heather is for when we get so tied up with out own anxieties and feelings.
Sweet Chestnut is for a deep state of despair that I mentioned earlier.
Gorse will heal that dreadful feeling of hopelessness.  The golden blooms of Gorse brings us hope.

How to take them.
In a small glass of water, mix together 2 drops of each of your chosen remedies, and sip that water throughout the day and evening.  Frequency of dose is much more important than the quantity.

Happy New Year and may 2020 the best year ever.  It can be when you heal and harmonise your feelings with the Bach Flower Remedies. Click here to find out more about this incredibly powerful healing system that can be your constant companion and help you navigate the stormy seas of life.  They can help you as they helped me over the last 3 decades.

Over to you.
I love to hear from you so please leave your thoughts and comments, and of course ask questions too.  I’ll help if I can. 

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