Living with loneliness

2020 was a very hard year for us all in so many different ways.  But one of things that has affected us all, more than we ever thought it would has been the loneliness as a result of self-isolation and even the wearing of masks.   Even though some have managed to keep in contact with their family and friends via the internet, the lack of physical contact has hit us all.   

There is nothing like give a hug to a loved one.  Receiving a hug is the best thing ever.  And yet, we’ve not been able to have physical contact with others for nearly a year.  It’s been hard going.


Loneliness is one of the deepest of all our emotions.  It’s right down there with feelings of worthlessness that create a hollow feeling inside.  It’s a dreadful feeling.  Even if you’re not feeling lonely now, I know you’ve been there.  We all have – often.

The next step down from loneliness is hopelessness and despair and the feeling that life has no meaning.  This is a dark place to be.

Is this something I should be talking about with New Year’s Eve just around the corner?  However, if you’ve got something planned you’ll not reading this.  But, if you’re lonely right now – then this is something that is uppermost in your mind.

How do you feel…  ?

If you know me, then you know how often I ask “how do you feel”?  And if you’re feeling lonely right now,  I’d ask you “how do you feel“?  And I’d expect you to  say “Lonely.  I’m very  lonely”! 


Your overwhelming feeling is that of sadness!

Dreadful state…

Loneliness is a dreadful state. It’s one of the deepest states of despair and depression.  We’re really just like bees. We like to live in a community; we constantly seek a sense of belonging.  And that one special relationship is so important to us.

There’s a common saying ‘no man is an island unto himself’.  We really do hate being alone.  It makes us sad and accentuates of feelings of worthlessness.

We need to be loved and we want to share our love with others.  Being alone is foreign to us.

A true (and happy) story- which could help you now!

I was holding a small Bach Flower afternoon workshop on Anxiety and Depression.  Sue decided to come to the workshop as she wanted to be with people who were feeling like her. Her husband had died 10 months previously and she couldn’t get over it and was depressed.  She said more than once how lonely she was and how the house was empty.    What happened next was a surprise to her.

I’ll let Sue tell you herself.  

Star of Bethlehem.

Star of Bethlehem brought about this amazing change.  Although Sue was depressed because she was still grieving for her lost husband and she was lonely!  She was sad – very sad indeed.

This wonderful remedy is for shock and trauma and grief.  And you can see how quickly it acts.
Star of Bethlehem is in Rescue Remedy.  So, when you’re lonely put 2 drops of Rescue Remedy into a glass of water and sip it frequently. 

Choosing which remedies you need can be tricky, so here’s something that you’ll love and can help you.


For now, here are 3 other remedies for loneliness.  I’ve listed all 4 of them here.

Star of Bethlehem is for sadness and crisis. The pandemic has certainkly been a crisis. Look how it helped Sue. 
Heather is for when we get so tied up with out own anxieties and feelings.  
White Chestnut stops the merry-go-round of your thoughts going around and around. 
Sweet Chestnut is for a deep state of despair that I mentioned earlier.

How to take them.
In a small glass of water, mix together 2 drops of each of your chosen remedies, and sip that water throughout the day and evening.  Frequency of dose is much more important than the quantity.

Happy New Year and may 2020 the best year ever.  It can be when you heal and harmonise your feelings with the Bach Flower Remedies. Click here to find out more about this incredibly powerful healing system that can be your constant companion and help you navigate the stormy seas of life.  They can help you as they helped me over the last 3 decades.

Over to you.
As you know, I love to hear from you so please leave your thoughts and comments, and of course ask questions too.  I’ll help if I can.   Rose.

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Rose Todd

  • Merilyn Tunneshende says:

    Tonight, millions of Californians are adding legal recreational cannabis to their New Year as the clock strikes 12:01 AM. The world will never be the same. And many simply don’t “know” how to process the event, for this is a sociological phenomenon that has never happened before in the “history” of human kind. Happy New Year, 2018!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Merilyn. Thank you for writing – and such an interesting comment too. I hadn’t realised that this would be happening – and indeed it will chnage the world. However, I feel the world is changing so fast now, and although there are still wars, cruelty and starvation (and more) that’s happening world wild, I do think there are more and more people awakening to the fact that they can change their lives – and they can heal their pain (with the help of Bach Flowers or many other similar therapies).
      Being a homoeopath, I’m still working on the principle that a Little changes the whole – so although those who are ‘living in love’ may seem so small in number, I believe that Love has the power to change us all – albeit slower than we’d like.
      Thank you Merilyn for your interesting comment. Much Apprecaited.
      Happy New Year and may 2018 be the best year ever for you.

  • Caroline Wilson says:

    What a beautiful post Rose. Thank you for sharing and not being afraid to talk about the elephant in the room. Even people with a large network of friends and family can for one reason or another find themselves alone on New Year. I have spent it on my own for many years. This year I just said to myself I would enjoy it anyway, and as luck would have it, this year is different and a very dear friend is coming over. Then my daughter may well be staying in afterall. We never know when things might change at a drop of a hat. But for those who are alone your advice is wonderful. A Happy New Year to you Rose and all those who are reading this post.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Caroline. Thank you for your lovely comment about the Bach Blog. Both Christmas and New Year are very much a time to spend with loved ones, but as you say, even knowing a lot of people doesn’t mean you wont be alone and lonely.
      I’m glad that this year turned out to be differet and was a very good New Year – perhaps an indicator of the rest of the year?
      Keep well Caroline.
      Thank you once again. Rose.

  • Anil Bindal says:

    Loneliness wv imp Heather , combined with sadness of past as hs , guilt of pine, traumas of life sob, terror of facing relationship rock rose of my ego annihilation, my way vine, longing for company chicory, bottled up emotions of agrimony, anguish of Holly willow sweet chest with rescue, desire to die with cp clematis, fear of relationships Aspen mimulus , concerns of loved ones rcn, link breaker walnut, ocd of wcn and cnb and hope and faith in doubt of future relationships gentian larch, procrastination of scl and hornbeam, apathy of wild rose, flexibilities of beech and rock water etc. Happy new year Olive of Poppaya 🙏❤️🤗😊

    I would add mustard too if for no reason, new year does not rock and roll.

    HNY Rose Todd, 2020.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Good morning Anil. And a happy new year to you. Thank you for leaving a comment about Loneliness. Its a big thing in our world these days. You used a lot of abbreviations in your message, so I’m afraid I couldn’t really understand a lot of it.
      You mention many situations and experiences that could bring about loneliness. And yes, its possible for all those situations to contribute to loneliness.
      However, I follow Bach’s advice and mix together no more than 6 remedies at one time. So I choose the 6 most intense emotions I see in the client who is sitting before me, and make up that mixture for them. Thank you once again Anil for taking the time to leave a comment. I wish you a happy 2020. Rose

      • Anil says:

        Oh. Cp is like cherry plum. HS honey suckle, wcn white chest nut etc. I am impatients, to core. Fast thinking, type A personality. 😊

        Either totally lethargy, lazy bones or space rocket. Hehehe.. I myself am always mystery to my self. My birth chart remedies are chicory clematis scleranthus vervain mimulus, but current moon chart is wild rose clematis impatient vine .. I love exploring myself and healing myself. It is fun. BTW, I am just taking agrimony chicory Heather pine honey suckle crab apple to release past bottled up emotions and neediness.

        Happy New Year 2020.


        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Anil. I think the abbreviations come from using the tiny keyboard on a phone. 🙂 I’m a “full-keyboard lap-top” lady! I think we’re a mystery to ourselves. In my early life, I asked two questions – why am I hear and who am I? Finding my soul remedy has given me the answer to both.I don’t understand what you mean about your birth chart remedies. I’ve heard it’s possible (but not concrete) that you can find your Soul Remedy (one of the 12 Type Remedies) from your moon sign.
          I think uncovering self-knowledge, discovering the mystery of ourselves is our life’s path and work. For me, both have been with the Bach Flowers. May you have a happy and successful 2020 Anil. Rose.

          • Anil says:

            Wow. So I know you found cerato. Other wild oat ? Just a guess. Which remedies helped you from early life to this confident free iron lady ? Curious to know your journey of freedom. May be you can write a blog for all. That will be a good teaching to students of bach flower.

          • Rose Todd says:

            Thank you Anil. It was my brother who pointed out how I responded to everything in life. He said I always ask everyone everything. He said my nature was to gather information before I made a decision. He said I Collected information. Collated it into workable ‘bite-sized pieces, and then Communicated it. He said I did the 3Cs. 🙂 I didn’t believe him, so I watched and became more aware, and I read a lot about Cerato, until it all made sense. And then from a book called Igniting Soul Fire by Gaye Mack, I discovered the soul challenge/soul path of Cerato, and then I had to think about it a lot before I could see my soul path, and what I needed to do about it to actually live from my soul. This took some years and I travelled through a lot of Impatiens, Vervain and others – and barrels of Wild Oat (Cerato has no sense of self and is always looking for that) – before I completely got to grips with it all. Without having a wise older brother who knows me very well, I’m not sure I would have got to there. Do you think a blog would be a good idea? I’m not sure.
            Thank you for asking and thank you for listening.

          • Anil says:

            OMG, you know Rose, I am cerato for 4 decades, since school times. But never knew. Impatients , vervain, clematis, scleranthus, chicory since my birth 1963. I am scorpion. So chicory. And my moon sign is cancer, hence mustard. The book you mentioned is good. I wrote to her. She charges 175 pounds for basic natal chart reading. I am indian you know. But you are pound rich. May be you can get help if you want from her. So I figured out way to link bach to birth chart by some research as I am cerato and vervain too.

            I am always open to listening to genuine souls who share innocently. Like you. Thanks. I love co-sharing of souls. It is maskless and genuine communication.

            You know best if you want to write a blog for yourself.

            Not sure is typical cerato. Add scleranthus, it becomes decisive, add wild oat, leader.

            I wish I knew them back in 70s. Still never late.

            Thanks for sharing your journey. Regards.

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hello Anil. Bach was very clear about not wanting to align the Bach Flowers with any other healing system This system stands alone. So I’ve never got involved with Astrology: or tried to make a connection between Bach and astrology. It’s too confusing. So I stick only to to Bach.
            Just as we were born in one of the 12 months, we were born with one soul remedies. You can’t have two soul remedies. You can’t be Cerato and Vervain at the same time. Cerato (is like Vervain) and wants to make their mark on the world. But they react to the experiences of life in totally different ways. Yes, your emotions are important – but its how you respond to your problems at indicate the remedy.
            Scleranthus is undecided – but it keeps it to themselves. Cerato is undecided and talks about it to everyone.
            Mimulus is anxious and keeps it to themselves. Agrimony is anxious, and denies it and goes out to party all the time to hide their anxiety. Its how you react that is going on that indicates the remedy. You don’t take Wild Oat to become a leader – you take Wild Oat to find direction. (Wild Oat is one of the 7 Helpers and not a Soul remedy. Mustard is not a Soul remedy).
            Thank you for your advice on writing a blog about my Bach journey. Much appreciated.
            I hope this is helpful. Take care Anil. Rose.

          • Anil says:

            Hi Rose, my soul remedy is chicory. Lesson to be learnt is to drop selfishness and open heart as unconditional loving mother. Not achieved as yet fully. Thanks.

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hello Anil. The challenge for the Chicory soul type is to find ways to express their endless flow of love outwardly, instead of turning it inward. I’m not sure that any of us achieve soul alignment in ‘one-easy-step’. I believe that part of our purpose on earth is the evolution of our soul, through the personality, and therefore evolution is on-going, so creating and developing ways to express our soul is on-going too. Chicory is a ‘family-orientated’ remedy. But I think the ‘family’ need not only be our own family, but could also be a community where you feel you belong. Thank you Anil, for the discussion. Happy new year. Take care. Rose

          • Anil Bindal says:

            Hi Rose, true, chicory is alchemist. From loneliness to togetherness, needy love , selfish mean which grows as water violet to beech. I had to research my personality. Unfortunately, I had decades of dark night of soul for 4 decades. I came to know of bach flower healing serious interest only a year back. It pains to be alive still. But that is my story on way to Satori. I am grateful to have met you indeed. Gratitude. 🙏❤️

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hell. Anil. Thank you for your kind words. Good wishes for your journey. Take Care. Rose.

  • A says:

    I thought the guide was free and I see there is a fee. Is it free to download?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Alex. Thank you for the comment. There is no charge for the Guides. But I do ask for a little help to cover the postages – which incidentally only covers about half the postage.
      The Guides themselves are not available to download. Regards Rose.

      • a says:

        Hello how much is asked to cover postage?

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello. Thank you for leaving a Comment.
          The amount I ask for help with the postage is £2.99. At the moment the postage outside of UK is UK£3.35.
          I hope this helps. Rose.

  • astrologerdevanand says:

    Thank you for sharing such heartfelt insights on coping with loneliness, especially all through the New Year. Your blog affords treasured practice and reassurance to those going through comparable challenges, reminding us that we’re no longer by ourselves in our struggles. Keep spreading positivity and wisdom.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Astrologerdevan. Thank you for leaving a comment on my Loneliness blog. Loneliness is one of the deepest and most destressing states we can go into. And unfortunately loneliness affects many more people than we realise. Thank yo too for your kind words, I appreciate them. As you’ve probably gathered, I’m passionate about the Bach Flowers and do my best to help others use them. Take care. Rose.

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