Taking Care of Yourself
and Your Family

Would you like to manage your own feelings ...  AND

Be able to help your family and friends too?

If you struggle with anxiety, lack of confidence and low self-esteem or perhaps loneliness - Bach Flower Remedies can help you.

If your children are irritable or angry: if your parents are elderly and forgetful ...    No matter how or what you're feeling ....

 Bach Flower Remedies can help you...

James was going through a Tough Time in Life ... Click Play to Discover how James got his Life Back on Track with Bach Flowers…

Bach Flower Essences can make a huge difference to your health and your sense of well being. They are simple to use, completely natural and have no side effects at all. 

Lifts Your Spirits and Helps to Work Out any Problem…

Maria Essex

I have used the Bach flower remedies for a number of years now to help me to lift my mood and spirit. I refer to them as “my best friends” as I can rely on them to work out any problem, fear or issue I am faced with.

Whenever I need them, they are there for me and so is Rose who has supported and guided me through my difficult times and taught me the power of these wonderful essences.

I would strongly advise you to get to know them as well...

Bach Flower Remedies will Heal your emotions FAST!

Bach Flower Remedies can get to ‘heart' of your emotions faster than anything else I have come across! 

Bach Flowers Online Course

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Bach Flower Remedies get to work on your emotions fast! And let’s face it… when you are feeling down, that’s what you need… an instant effect to heal your emotions and get you back on track… so you can recover from any set back quickly and get on with life! Bach Flower Essences help you to get on with doing the things you want to be doing...

I've Been Teaching Bach Flower Courses Internationally for Several Decades... 

I graduated from the Bach Foundation in 1992.  It was the second ever Bach Flower Practitioner course!  So you can tell I have been doing this a long time... and in that time I have absorbed a lot of knowledge and, crucially, I have refined exactly how best to pass it across to others through effective teaching.  I have run courses in Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and the UK. I have even presented Bach Flower Information on many radio broadcasts!

Overcome the Most Common Mistakes... 

I completely understand if you’ve tried the Essences and they haven’t done much for you. A lot of people take Rescue Remedy and expect it to heal everything from irritability, anger, and depression to lack of self-confidence. Rescue Remedy, although incredibly powerful, isn’t a panacea for all ills. I can assure you, I’ve been using the essences for decades and taught hundreds of people how to manage their emotions and moods.

I know I can help you to find the right mixture that will help you feel so much better. Whether you’re interested in managing your own emotions or helping your family to cope with the stresses we all face in life, Bach Flowers can help you. We all want to feel as good as we can, all the time and training in this Bach Flower Online course will help you...

There is nothing more important than feeling happy. And Bach Flower Essences are an amazing way to help us heal and sooth our unwanted negative feelings.  Bach Flowers are the easiest way I know of to convert negative to positive!

A Trusted Bach Mentor ... 

Get Control of Your Emotions... Get Control of YOUR LIFE...!

You can’t have a happy life if your emotions are controlling you, can you? Learning to self-diagnose your emotions… which can sometimes be a tricky thing to do…will allow you to use the right remedies and convert your troubled emotions into a powerful, unstoppable force of good for you!

You will find that when using THE RIGHT Bach Flower Essences you will find that you have greater clarity and confidence in what you are doing and the things that you are trying to achieve and perhaps were struggling against will be come ‘easier’!

Within the Online Bach Flower Training Course, You'll Discover...

  • How to identify your real feelings and exactly what causes you stress
  • Little known facts about the flowers, their essences and how they can help you
  • How and why Bach divided the essences into 7 groups, and how you could easily be using the wrong group
  • The Essential Soul types and how these relate to Bach Flower Remedies
  • How to identify your ‘negative default’ programme and choose an essence to heal it
  • Learn a cameo of each of the 38 remedies in 7 different groups
  • How know with certainty that you're taking the right remedies
  • The surprising healing power of Rescue Remedy (when used in the right scenarios)
  • A little of Edward Bach’s history and we touch on his philosophy
  • The right way to use the essences, so that you get near instant results, every time

After the course you’ll start recognising your own feelings and emotions, and those of others too – and be able to take and give the appropriate remedies to help restore emotional harmony...

You'll also get...

  • Advice on how to mix up your own personal and unique elixir
  • Several Unique Guides to ensure you are using just the right Bach Flower Remedies for your specific situation

What You'll get in the 12 Modules...

Each module contains a high quality training video, downloadable audio, transcript, module guide and slide pack.  This course has been developed to ensure rapid and efficient learning... so you can start getting the most out of life straight away...

Detailed information on all

38 Remedies

Here is just some of what is in the Bach Flower Essences Online Course...

Module #1 - Introduction

  • Introduction to Bach
  • Bach Fundamentals
  • How Bach Remedies Work
  • Bach Self-Help Therapy

Module #2 - Groups & Rescue Remedy

  • The Stress Wheel
  • The 5 Essences in Rescue Remedy - and why these matter
  • Taking Rescue Remedy - the right way!
  • The 7 Emotional Groups

Module #3 - Group 1 - Fear

  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Calmness and Control
  • Trusting the Unkown
  • Trusting Life

Module #4 - Group 2 - Loneliness

  • Emotionally Withdrawn
  • Emotional Commitment
  • Inpatients and urge to 'get on'
  • Seeking Attention - can't bear to be alone

Module #5 - Group 3 - Despair

  • The 'Depression Viscous Cycle'
  • Despondency and Lack of Confidence
  • Self-Blame. Guilt.
  • Overwhelmed by Responsibility
  • Anguish. Dark Soul. OCD.
  • Shock and Trauma
  • Blaming others. Bitter. Resentful.  Feeling Injustice.
  • Swamped by Duty.
  • Disgusted with Self

Module #6 - Group 4 - Lacklustre

  • Dreamers.  Living in the Future
  • Homesick. Living in the Past
  • Apathy. No Motivation
  • Exhausted. No Physical / Mental Strength
  • The Mental 'Merry-go-Round'
  • Gloom.  Sudden 'Black Clouds'
  • Repeating Mistakes. Not Learning

Module #7 - Group 5 - Oversensitivity

  • Hiding. Disguising Anxiety.
  • Anxious to Serve or Weak-Will
  • Personal 'Doormat'
  • No Self-Opinion. Major Changes
  • Opposite of Unconditional Love
  • Anger, Rage, Jealousy

Module #8 - Group 6 - Over-care 

  • Self-Pity. Demanding. Hurt & Tearful
  • Over-Stretched. Stress.
  • Tyrants. Bullies. Over-demanding
  • Intolerant. Critical of small things
  • Martyr. Self-Denial
  • Possessive and 'Clingy'

Module #9 - Group 7 - Uncertainty 

  • Doubt. Lacking in Self-Trust
  • Can't Decide. See-Saw-Life
  • Doubt. Disappointment