Monthly Archives: September 2014

Law of Attraction: 30 Day Group Invite

After the wonderful live-time with Abraham and Ester Hicks in London last week,I decided to revisit my dreams and overhaul my goals and to follow a simple 4 step process over 30 days, to create some new and different things in my life. So, I started a new note book: a 30 Day Diary of […]

Abraham-Hicks Live in London!

This is a long blog – you’ll need tea! (I will wait while you make it). My alarm went off before the sun had even thought of waking up. I hadn’t slept well as I was exciting about the coming day. I was going to see Abraham-Hicks – Live in London! This was my first […]

Law of Attraction: Peace Day

This week’s blog is different from my normal blogs in that it does not speak directly about the law of attraction, but does deal with its workings. But first, a little story as illustration. A long time ago, when my children were small, I noticed that I held the ‘power’ in the house. I use […]

Law of attraction: Hitting the Wall?

Crash!  Bang!  Thump!  Oh dear.  Are you alright?  Did that hurt? I’m afraid my ‘walls’ are not always obvious and sometimes they creep up on me. Remember that we create everything in our lives and often the things that happen to us are symbolic.  So often the first indication of me hitting the wall comes […]

When the Going Gets Tough…

It’s not how you start… We all set goals of some sort. We even set small daily goals to do this, that or the other. But somehow we don’t always achieve what we set out to do, do we? Some time ago you set yourself a ‘special’ goal – I wonder if you are still […]