Law of Attraction: Peace Day

Peace Day and law of attraction-picture of peace dove

Looking for inner peace? In this article I give you several suggestions to find and share inner peace.

This week’s blog is different from my normal blogs in that it does not speak directly about the law of attraction, but does deal with its workings.

But first, a little story as illustration.

A long time ago, when my children were small, I noticed that I held the ‘power’ in the house. I use that word loosely, you understand. I noticed when I was irritable and grumpy, the children squabbled and quarrelled.

However, when I was happy, my children were happy too. One day my mother said to me “Your children don’t sing. You don’t sing. Sing!” So (because I am a good girl) I started to sing. And within half an hour, my children were both playing happily by themselves and were singing their own little songs. And I realised that how I felt spread to my family – and probably others too.

In terms of the law of attraction: the ‘happiness’ vibration was radiating out and the law of attraction was increasing that vibration – and so it spread

Sunday 21st September is Peace Day. Believe it or not, we all want the same things: happiness, freedom and peace of mind.

Our world needs peace so I ask you, this week to focus on being ‘peaceful’. We know that intention focuses our mind and that energy flows were attention goes. See if you can get out into nature sometime this week: a walk in the park at lunch time: a walk along the river on the way home. Being in nature brings peace.

If you can’t do that – focus on the beauty of nature. Here in England, some of the trees are beginning to change into their autumn outfits or notice the beauty of flowers. Take 68 seconds to look at the beauty of the sunset or the waning moon and marvel at its power to shift every drop of water on our planet. Find beauty and you’ll find peace.

I’d like to make a suggestion please. Set your intention to flow peace into the world. Now you are feeling peaceful, from that quiet and clam place, deliberately and consciously direct your feelings to places of trouble in our world. I imagine a beam of light, like a spotlight and I send the light where I want it to go. Light is very powerful energy.

On Thursday 18th, Scotland will make a major decision that will not only affect that land, but it will affect all of Britain, Europe and the rest of the world too. Feel peaceful, and with intention, imagine a big spotlight shining down over Scotland and know they will make a wise choice.

The situation in the Middle East is dire. Focus on the Middle East and send a beam of light to cover the entire geographical area. They are in desperate need of help, love, light and peace. Send them light and peace throughout the week if you can, but particularly on Sunday – Peace Day.

You and your family and those who associate with you will benefit from you feeling peaceful. And by consciously offering your light to places in turmoil and trouble, you can spread your peace further afield.

And, as always – the law of attraction will bring you more.

Have a peaceful week.

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Rose Todd

  • Lovely piece Rose. How true that our moods are reflected by others.

    • Rose says:

      Hello Judith. Thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, our moods do affect everyone around us – and everyone’s moods affects too – which is not always a good thing!
      Warm wishes Rose

  • Claire says:

    Thanks Rose, it reminded me of a film I saw once, Como Chocolate Como Agua, like water for chocolate, where the girls emotions went into the food and affected everyone.
    Yep none of us are little islands no matter what we think.

    • Rose says:

      Hello Claire. Thanks for writing. I agree, our emotions do go into the ‘flood’/ into the flow of energy and they do affect everything. Lovely to hear from you, Happy creating. Rose

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