Abraham-Hicks Live in London!

This is a long blog – you’ll need tea! (I will wait while you make it).

My alarm went off before the sun had even thought of waking up. I hadn’t slept well as I was exciting about the coming day.

I was going to see Abraham-Hicks – Live in London! This was my first Live Abraham event and I was so excited.

rose-todd-abraham-hicksI’d done my pre-paving and planning so that I knew my journey would go smoothly. I arrived at the O2 at 7.30am and met my friend as arranged.

Already, excitement filled the air and the energy continued to build. The vibrations were high. And yet for all the excitement, I was hugely impressed at how smoothly and easily this crowd of over a thousand moved effortlessly into the theatre and found their seats.

People had gathered from far and near. I sat with people from London: the Netherlands; from Hungary and Sweden.

Someone even came from Australia. Her family thought she was crazy! A 15 hour flight for 4 hours of live-time with Abraham! It was worth it! She got the answer she was seeking.

As the count-down clock on the TV screen above the stage grew closer to 00.00 the atmosphere became electric ! The ‘Abraham-Hicks’ opening song began to play! Everyone was on their feet, clapping; chattering; laughing! Then Ester walked on the stage – and the excitement over-flowed into powerful, appreciative applause.

It seemed that everything Abraham said that morning; every question from the hot-seat, was all just for me.

The people I was sitting with said the same thing. It must be so, because the energy for the event had been building and gathering since the tickets went on sale in March. And by now there was a huge vortex swirling, heavily pregnant with excited anticipation! And for me – it delivered!

I took some notes – but sometimes what was being said was so important, I just had to listen. We were reminded that our personal preferences matter: that we are at the leading edge of the expansion of Source Energy and All That Is. We were reminded that as soon as we Ask – our Inner Beings immediately becomes it: that Source becomes what we asked for.

Our problem is – how do we close the vibrational gap between where we are now and where we want to be? How do we stop doubt?

We get too caught up in the conditions that we’re living and blame them because we don’t feel so good. We are living ‘conditional’ lives. We seem to think that the conditions of life ‘control’ our happiness. And we are so wrong.

The quickest 4 hours ever!

The 4 hours that followed were packed with the answers to the questions from the Hot Seat that gave us ways and means of closing that gap; ways and means of changing our point of attraction: of changing our habit of thought – and of viewing life in an ‘unconditional’ way. In other words, showing us how we can be happy, no matter what ‘conditions’ are going on around us.

I did write down something that Ester has started to do – and loves doing. Abraham said it is a new process. I liked the sound of it and am going to start using it – today! So here – hot of the press, from my hastily scribbled notes is a new process from Abraham-Hicks.

1) Write down the ‘condition’ that’s causing you stress. Write down what’s upsetting you.

2) Now write – “If this condition or situation was resolved – how would I then feel? “

3) Now imagine how you’d feel if you knew how to resolve the ‘condition’ or experience that’s upset you. How would you feel if you had already resolved that situation?

4) Now write – “If this condition was resolved, I would feel… (and feel these feelings) eg:

Confident, Energised, Proud, Satisfied, Invincible, Creative Empowered. Inspired …. “ etc.

Write all that you would feel when your problem is solved –and feel those emotions. Make sure this part of the process lasts longer than the 68 seconds that turns thoughts to things.

Hey presto. You’ve changed

Now you’re feeling all those high-flying emotions. You have changed – but the condition is just the same. Abraham has been saying for a long while – and reiterated it again now: “Accept the emotion as the first manifestation and on its heels come ideas and thoughts and doors open – and you’re in the flow.”

Riding the high wave of enthusiasm from Saturday, I decided to review my life: revisit my dreams and goals.

Join me next week – I’ve got a plan that involves you – that is, if you’re interesting?

rose-todd-abraham-hick-londonPS – sorry about the quality of the photos

This one really is me (bottom left hand corner) taken by the kind person sitting behind me!



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Rose Todd

  • Jacqueline says:

    Hi Rose, what a wonderful experience for you. What is the hot seat? Jackie x

    • Rose says:

      Hi Jackie. Abraham answers personal questions. If you want to ask them something, you raise your hand, and then Abraham choose someone, and they go up onto the stage and sit in the ‘Hot Seat’ and ask your question. It can be a very nerve wracking time for those in the Hot Seat. .
      Thanks for the comment. warm wishes Rose

  • Dharmesh Sheth says:

    Hi Rose , its Dharmesh from Dubai.
    I was in London on business on the day of this event.
    I met two wonderful ladies immediately afterwards who had attended the event & were so ecstatic & excited with the workshop.
    I would be happy to put you in touch with them.
    Any plans to visit Dubai soon?

    Best regards. Dharmesh

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Dharmesh. How wonderful to hear from you – and via my blog too!
      If you’re in London again, and you have time for coffee, please get in touch. I’m 25 minutes on the train away from Kings Cross. Its so quick and easy for me to come into London.
      It was a wonderful event. We were all riding high! Thank you that would be very kind.
      Lovely to hear from you. I hope you and the family are well.
      warm wishes Rose

  • Claire says:

    thanks Rose, sounds amazing, I will do that process right now!!!

    Have a great sunny day xxx

    • Rose says:

      Hi Claire. Thanks for leaving a comment. We all had a great time – I found it a very powerful process and a good way to get back into high-feeling emotions.
      Happy creating. Rose

  • Rose says:

    Hi Carl. thanks for the comment. I thought ‘d written to you, but it appears I haven’t. I’m sorry for the oversight. keep well and happy creating. Rose

  • kazu says:

    Rose ‘s nice to meet you .

    Exciting story of Abraham is I became very fun and helpful ! ( I love Abraham )

    Thank you please be a nice article .
    Also I will come to play in this nice blog .
    English I’m sorry the poor .

    From Japan.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Good morning Minimint. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I’m sorry for the delay in writing. We have been doing some work on the site.
      I too love the teachings of Abraham. They are very good. I’ve been writing a blog for some time now, and I hope to keep doing so.
      Keep well and happy creating.
      Warm wishes. Rose

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