Monthly Archives: October 2017

Bach Blog. Not Learning From Experience

You’ve heard people say “oh, so and so has happened again.  I’m obviously not learning my lesson about this”! Or “I’ve done it again – when will I learn?”  Well that sums up this week’s remedy.    Chestnut Bud – the second ‘non-flower’ flower remedy of the Bach Flower Remedies as it’s made from the […]

Law of Attraction. The Emergence of the New World

 You know how life works because you’ve read, watched and listened – but mostly because you’ve experienced your creations coming back to you.  Experience is the greatest teacher of all. You know that you create your own life with your thoughts and feelings.  You also know that even if your life is working well for […]

The Perfectionist

Let me introduce you to The Perfectionist! If you have a strong will-power, I’m not sure you’d recognise the traits of being Thje Perfectionist, or think that you’re too hard on yourself or having a too rigid view of life, in yourself, but you might recognise them in another.  (It’s easier to recognising things in […]