Bach Flowers. Fear and Anxiety

Bach Remedies for Fear and Anxiety

Ping. Another email dropped into my Inbox asking which Bach remedy should they take for anxiety.  So as this seems to trouble a lot of people, I thought I’d write to you,  just in case you suffer from fears and anxieties too.

Before you start looking for the remedy that will help you, I think its good to understand a little about this wonderful healing system.  I’ll keep it short because I know you want to move on quickly to the remedies.  However, knowing this will make choosing the right remedy for you, much easier.

I have two Free Bach Flower Guides that will also make choosing the best remedy for you, or your family, much easier.   Click the image to find out more.

It’s important to know that there isn’t just one remedy for each emotion.  Each remedy has a ‘personality’ that contains many feelings and emotions.  And each of the remedy states is triggered by something particular.  Each remedy state as a ’cause’.

So there isn’t one remedy for anger, for anxiety or for fear. There isn’t one remedy for indecision or lack of confidence.  To find the remedy that is going to help you, you have to know why you’re feeling anxious, and what you’re fearful about.

Once you’re aware of that, now when you read through the seven anxiety remedies below, you’ll have a better idea of which suits you.

Bach Flower Remedies for Fear and Anxiety

(They’re in alphabetical order for ease)


This is one of the remedies that’s rarely used – and is much needed by many.  Those in need of Agrimony are described as ‘wearing a mask’. They suffer from great anxiety which they don’t know how to express, so they push their anxiety down and hide it behind a happy face.  Agrimony people are restless and have to keep busy because if they’re not busy, their anxieties rise – and they can’t cope.  A very good remedy for sleeplessness.


Aspen is the remedy for ‘unknown fears’. This does not mean that you’re afraid of the future.  It means that you have vague. inexplicable fears and apprehension.  It’s as if the veil between the  subconscious and the conscious minds is too thin and vague and weird things are seeping from the subconscious mind. The fears are of doom and gloom: “something is going to happen” and it gives you goose-bumps.
When in an Aspen state, you wont talk about your fears.  How can you – you can’t identify them.

Cherry Plum

The Cherry Plum is the first tree to flower in the ‘Bach Calendar’ and it brings light to the dark days of February.   In the Cherry Plum state we’re afraid of loosing control of our mind.  It is also for  obsessive thoughts, like OCD. And is excellent for nightmares when it seems that the subconscious mind is seeping through to the conscious.


Heather is another remedy that is not considered when we talk of ‘anxiety remedies’. And this is because those in a Heather state are ‘self-centred’ – and no one wants to consider themselves self-centred. Heather is entirely absorbed and obsessed by their own troubles and they always need someone to talk to .  They talk incessantly about their troubles.  They’re afraid of being alone.


This remedy is one of the most popular remedies.  It is for anxiety of known things.  If you know what you’re anxious about, then Mimulus is for you.  Those in need of Mimulus are reluctant to join in and have fun with life.  There is a Mimulus blog, if you’d like to read more about it.

 Rock Rose

A tiny flower that looks like a buttercup, is no bigger than your little finger nail.  This remedy is taken daily by millions in Rescue Remedy.  It’s the remedy for ‘urgent fear’ – panic!  The fear felt when you in a Rock Rose state churns underneath everything you do in life – it never goes away and you feel as if you’re always in a state of ‘flight’.  (You’r3 too afraid to stay and fight!

Red Chestnut

Whether we’re living through troubled times or are under lot of stress, there will come a time when we’re extremely worried about our loved ones.   This is the time when we need Red Chestnut.  For example, you’ll need Red Chestnut when you child goes away to University.  How will he/she cope? Your mind will run through a thousand things a second. If someone is ill, again, you’ll have a thousand questions and different thoughts and be excessively worried.  This is the Red Chestnut state.

Bach Flower Remedies is so much more than just Rescue Remedy and Larch. There are 38 remedies that cover every emotion felt by mankind.  You’ve already discovered, from this and my other blogs, remedies that you need that you didn’t know about – and there’s still more to discover and learn about them too!

Click here if you’re interested in find out about this natural, simple and extremely powerful healing system. Use the Bach Flower Remedies to help you deal with the too much to do in too little time.

As you can tell – I just love them – and know you will too!

Over to you.

As you know, I love to hear from you, so please leave your comments and questions.   Let me know which remedies you’d like to hear about in the blogs.

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Rose Todd

  • Gillian says:

    I was on a course at the weekend where there was a talk about soul/life path colours and according to the presenter yellow people are ‘Happy, cheerful and sunny’ giving ‘hope and optimism to others when they are feeling slightly off colour’ ‘stimulating and intelligent’ people to be with. Which chimes with the use of these yellow flowers to bring people back to a sunnier state of mind.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Gillian. Thank you for your comment. Your course sounds great!
      Colours are vibrations that are within our spectrum of sight and are very powerful indeed.
      Yellow definitely is a ‘sunshine’ colour bringing hope and happiness as well as having an infinity to the intellect.
      What I love about our world, is that everything’s connected and everything makes sense!
      The colours of the flower remedies add an important dimension to their healing power.
      Thank you once again for getting in touch.
      Warm wishes. Rose

  • Christine says:

    Hi Rose, I bought a new hanging basket today, full of beautiful yellow pansies, they really cheer me up as I walk up the path.. I do wonder if Agrimony would be useful for me currently as my most used expression at the moment is “it’s doing my head in”, planning new projects, kitchen and bathroom! Thankyou!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Christine. Thank you for writing. Your hanging basket sounds lovely, with pansies smiling at you as you come home!
      I’m not sure I know what you mean by ‘doing your head in’.
      Unless you feel you need Agrimony because your being very busy with planning, and therefore not giving yourself time to think about the things that worry you?
      Sorry I can’t be more help with more information. Rose

  • Anil Bindal says:

    Nice post. Removing lid of bottled up emotions with acrimony can be a havoc too. Whole gene will come out. Anger hatred guilt agony grief etc. Because agrimony is releasing past .. one may express so much that it may be too much to control and bear by others. It may unleash disgust.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Anil. Thank you for your comment. To me, Agrimony is not about releasing the past, and releasing the emotions you mention. To me, Agrimony lives in the turmoil of anxiety because they can’t reconcile the pain of the world and life. It is only when the Agrimony type take Agrimony, can they find inner peace even through the world outside of them is in complete chaos and turmoil. Interest discussion Anil, thank you. Think how much we’d have to discuss if we met one day over coffee. 🙂 Warm wishes. Rose

      • Anil Bindal says:

        Hahahaha. That will be thousands of coffee cups. I feel honoured. Gratitude. Agrimony is all of heart since life said hi to itself. Sometimes I can talk very strange. Heart is the seed of creation and all its impressions. Heart is Self. I. Agrimony is every thing under carpet of I .. all emotions since ancient times. I know it is difficult for a bach flower practitioner to grasp. For that another wisdom comes in. Like which is that heart that never beats yet never stops. A bach flower practitioner won’t get it. But a seeker of truth who has fully realized self. Will just smile . Thanks. There is a contradiction paradox in nature. But missed by bach flower practitioners. But Dr. Bach did not miss it. 🙏🙇💝

        He liberated his soul.

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Anil. As I said, I don’t see Agrimony as you do. And a difficult remedy for Bach practitioners to grasp? I think that depends on their view of life. As I said. We’d have an interesting discussion – which may been several cups of coffee. Rose

  • Urvashi says:

    Hi Rose,
    Very much useful insight. Gave new dimension of thinking about anxiety..beautiful to understand Agimony in this true..thank you so much. This is the first email I have received. So tempted to go through all your posts
    .Thank you so much Rose.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Urvashi. Thank you for leaving a comment, and for your kind words. I’m so sorry for the late reply – somehow your comment “slipped through the net”.
      I’m glad you found the blog helpful. I am entirely practical and I like everything to ‘make sense’. If explanations don’t make ‘sense’ to us, then its not helpful to us in life, is it. And lava and volcanoes seem to make sense to me 🙂 . I’m glad they do to you too.
      I hope you have continued to enjoy the blogs – and the Bach Flower Remedies.
      Once again, I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Take care. Rose

  • Natalie says:

    This is a really helpful post. Thank you for the excellent descriptions. It clarified what’s needed right now. Also, I wanted to let you know that the link to the Mimulus blog says “page not found.”

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Natalie. Thank you for getting in touch. And thank you for your kind words about the blog. I’m pleased you liked it and found something to help you ‘right now’.
      Thank you too for letting me know about the link to the Mimulus blog. I’ve just tried to look for the Mimulus blog and it’s disappeared! (The Gremlins must be at play). I usually check the links, but ti seems that one slip through. I’m sorry.
      Here’s the link to one of my favourite blogs. It’s not so much about Mimulus – but a good mixture for self confidence and courage
      I hope you find this helpful.
      Thanks again for being in touch. Warm wishes Rose

      • Natalie says:

        Oh no, that’s strange! Yes, gremlins like to do their tricks. No problem, just wanted to let you know. 🙂 Thanks for the link! Another wonderful and helpful post and I enjoyed reading it.

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Natalie. Thank you for getting in touch. And thank you for your kind words about the blog. I’m pleased you liked it. I hope I continue to write blogs that you find helpful. Take care. Rose

  • Nicky says:

    Hello Rose
    I am really stressed about driving in this awful wet weather especially when there is a storm as I work 20 miles from home snd there is so much standing water/ flood water around and unstable trees. It affects my whole life. I worry about it all the time. Do I need mimulous for known fears? Or Rock rose as there is always an undercurrent of panic and I am always looking on Facebook when I’m at home to see what’s happening on the roads .

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Nicky. Thank you for getting in touch. It seems you feel the situation is ‘urgent’ – and therefore you go into panic – probably without realising it. (A lot of people do). Mimulus will not help you. You need Rock Rose (its in Rescue Remedy if you don’t have the single remedy use Rescue). Just 2 drops into a glass of water and sip frequently, will make a difference. Or add 4-6 drops into your bottle of water (it depends on how big the bottle is) and sip that frequently.
      It’ll make a huge difference to you. Warm wishes. Rose.

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