Law of Attraction. The Emergence of the New World

 You know how life works because you’ve read, watched and listened – but mostly because you’ve experienced your creations coming back to you.  Experience is the greatest teacher of all.

You know that you create your own life with your thoughts and feelings.  You also know that even if your life is working well for you at the moment, its not working very well for a lot of your friends and colleagues too.

To sum it up, our world, as we know it, is not working so well anymore.    

But all is not lost – there is a **New World waiting in the wings.  There birthing of this a new world has already begun and will continue over the next year or so.

Some time ago we believed that in order to create something new, we first had to destroy the old.   It used to be like that, but it’s not so any longer.

Refreshing your memory

To refresh your memory, remember we live in a vibrational world of energy and this energy is managed by the magnificent law of attraction, which works on the principle of like attracts like.

Our world’s in a bit of mess isn’t it?   In 1997 mankind faced a choice. The choice was that we continue to live the nightmare (the word ‘continue’ indicates we’re already living the nightmare), or we could choose to live a life of mediocrity (who wants to live a mediocre life?) or we could live the dream!

For more on this, you might like to listen to my talk “The Bigger Picture” from 2015.
This section starts around 12.00 minutes into the talk.

We chose the New World

In the 1990s, the most monumental decade ever, enough of us chose to live the dream.  And so the new world was conceived by the dreamers and visionaries: those whose dream and vision a better life from themselves, their families, for mankind and for our beautiful planet.    Enough of us chose to live our lives from Love and so the new world was conceived.

If this is so, then how is it that the whole of world is still riddled with fear, horror and pain, how can life be affected by the few who chose to live the dream?

*Lazaris says … ”by the homoeopathic effect of a little changing the whole”.   (Being a homoeopath, you can imagine how that gladdens my heart!)

We’ve been on the path for decades now, and much work has been done.  But there is much more to do during the next year and into 2019.

As you’re reading this, you’re interested in creating your own personal dream, interested in the welfare of mankind and our planet and probably want to contribute to the New World.

The most effective way you can do this – well, in fact there is only one way you can do it – and that is, you start with creating your Personal Future Dream.

Many new futures

There are so many futures in the pipe-line.  Some are more probable than others.  During 2018, the New World is being birthed and in fact will ‘touch-down into our 3 dimensional reality.

As a result of this choice our world ‘split’ into 3 different ‘layers’ of vibrations.  As I said, there is the nightmare future which is continuing to be lived by so many.  There is also the mediocre life that is being lived by the masses.

Of course this is oversimplified – but you get the gist.  However, I know you want to experience the Light Future, the Dream Future.  You are a spiritual being living in the Light and seeking the Devine in all things, so you’re pretty much on tract for the Dream Future – a reality in which there is peace, love, harmony, prosperity, health and healing and longevity – and there is more ahead.  This is what you chose in 1990s.

But this wonderful life is not just going drop straight into your lap (sorry) you have to create it.  And, (sorry to add some pressure on you) but the world is waiting for you do this.  The world is waiting for you to step into the light of being your Greater Self, so you can shine your light and be a beacon that shines the light, showing others the way.

“All sounds wonderful Rose”, I hear you say – “but, how to I do this”?

Learn how to create joy and success      

The most important thing for you to do, is to learn how to consciously, and deliberately, create fun (joy) and success in your life.  In other words, learn to create what you want in your life.

You’ve been told that the Law of Attraction is a manifesting technique.  But it isn’t.  It’s the creative process of life.  The life you’re now living is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings – to get to the Dream Future, you have to go into the ‘light’ of your Greater Self and start dreaming, until you become that Greater Self – only then can your dream come to you.

This blog is already longer than usual and I’ve given you a lot to think about – so next week I’ll tell you the process of how to step into your Greater Self.

In the meantime, the foundation of creating the life you want, is in the 30 Day Diary.  This is a simple, but brilliant, programme that walks you through all you need to know about creation and manifestation, and also has the support of a Facebook Group (that is if you’re a Facebook-er).   It’s a good place to start.

I’ll be back next week with more about the process of stepping into your Greater Self.

Over to You

This is a very different blog with a focus on a new aspect of reality creation.  I’d love to receive your feed-back as to whether you enjoyed it and would sometimes like similar blogs – or whether you’ll like to go back to the traditional foundation information of how to create your reality – which as you’ve seen above is vital to the new world.

Please leave your comments – I love hearing from you.  Thank you.

*The Lazaris Material.  It is channelled material that I’ve been working with for over 30 years.
** Galexis . Channelled material from  a group of spiritual beings. I have also worked for some years with Galexis.

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