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Believing that the law of attraction works, or that you can work it, are major manifesting blocks.  Understanding how this amazingly powerful law works is easy enough, the real problem lies in the fact that you don’t believe you can do it:
Can I really live the life I’m dreaming about”?
And the voice in your head always answers –
You’ve got to be kidding!! No! You’ve hardly got the courage or the confidence to step outside your front door, let alone move outside your comfort zone.”

I’d like to show you how simply the law of attraction works. (Simple does not mean easy).

The universal law of attraction responds to your thoughts and feelings, creating experience in your life.  When you’ve experienced something, you believe it. The belief becomes lodged in your subconscious mind and now you recreate that believe constantly and automatically.

You’re always creating what you believe – so all tools and strategies you’re told to use, are ways of getting you to BELIEVE.

I’m often asked “how long do I have to do my affirmations and visualisation?”
The answer is always the same –

Do your affirmations and Visualisation until you BELIEVE what you want will happen.
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My Personal Process #1 – BELIEVE IT!

(Yes. that was me in my early 40s.)

A long time ago, before I knew anything about any of ‘this stuff’, and before I knew what I was doing, I used to make life work for me!

I used to work for an airline and could travel at a ‘stand-by’/rebated fare – when there were seats available.  At the time, I was living in Zimbabwe but my mother and father had move to England.  And I decided to go and see my mother for a few days.

On the chosen day, the airport was heaving!  People milling and suitcases stacked everywhere!  I made my way to  the check-in desk to be told by the Duty Office, the flight was over booked by 19 and if he got all the fare paying passengers away he’d be lucky!

He told all the stand-by passengers to go home.  My husband picked up my suitcase and said “let’s go home”.  I said “I’m waiting.  I’m going to see Mum tonight”.

Suffice it to say, he was not pleased!  We waited for over 45 minutes and as the number of passengers in the concourse dwindled,my husband grew more and more irritated with me.  I will leave that part of the story to your imagination!

When the time came for the aircraft doors to close, he said “please can we go now!

But at exactly the same time, the Duty Office came running towards me…”Rose. Rose.  Thank goodness you’re still here! There’s been an error in the head count – there is one seat available!  I’ll take you suitcase. Run.  Run now”.

I quickly turned to say goodbye to my husband … who just looked at me and said “how do you do that”?

I  Believed and I did it!

I decided!  I Made it a Must.  I BELIEVED IT!
It was so important to me, that I believed I would get on that aircraft.  I never doubted it.   And so I did.

I’m very good at getting on over-booked airport – here’s a story of my daughter and I at Los Angeles airport if you’d like to have a read.

This blog is already long enough, so next week, I’ll tell you other process I always used in those long gone days, without realising I was doing it – and it still works now.

Learning how to create your own reality is the basic place to start.  Without the foundation knowledge, your manifestations will always be a hit and miss affair – and you don’t want that.  The Learn it. Live it. Love it workshop gives you all you need to know so you can BELIEVE that the law of attraction really does work.
Here’s what Ruth W. had to say about the workshop…

 “I have recently discovered your work and enjoy it very much – I particularly enjoyed the recording of one of your workshops”.  It’s a very good grounding to the Law of Attraction.

Over to you

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments – Believing is really the key!

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