2 Proven Visualisation Techniques

Do you find it difficult to just feel in a visualisation, instead of thinking about the life you really want?
A lot of people struggle with visualisation, so you’re not alone there. Here’s  an explanation I hope will make a lot of sense to you and 2 visualisation techniques that can help.   

One of the problems with visualisation is that it’s difficult to imagine and maintain the picture, with all its details.

What is visualisation?

It’s imagining.  That’s all it is – and we do it all the time.   You’re imagining something in every moment.  It’s just that you probably habitually  imagine what you don’t want to happen, instead of what you do want to happen.

Visualising is when you consciously guide your imagination, thinking thoughts about what you do want, with concentrated focus.  As you’re thinking about something you want, the thoughts will conjure up wonderful feelings.  Thinking about what you want should make you feel really good: happy: confident – and all of the high vibrational emotions.

That’s all there is to visualisation.
You think and feel and feel and think – consciously – with awareness.
Imagination is your most powerful tool of creation.

So how do you visualise?  Here are two different and equally powerful techniques that I use.

33 Second technique   

This quick 33 second technique might work well for you if you’re often in a hurry.  But, be warned, it takes a lot of concentration and practice.  The stop-watch feature on your phone will be helpful to time your 33 seconds – exactly.

Imagine looking at a snapshot, a still photograph of you living your dream. Looking at this still photo has got to generate a lot of intense good feeling emotions.

You’ve got photos of happy times and when you see those photos, all the good feelings of that experience come flooding back to you.  That’s the principle: you hold the vision of that still photo of you with what you want, for exactly 33 seconds (optimum time to create physical manifestation).  

When the alarm of your phone goes off, drop the image.  Just drop it into your reality. And leave the rest to the Law of Attraction.  So long as you don’t ‘mess it up’ with a lot of intense negative feelings, successful manifestation is guaranteed.  (I used this technique to create my camera which I mention in The 7 Secrets of Manifestation).

Make a movie.

Our minds are never still – they’re always thinking something.  They’re so busy and it’s difficult to slow your thoughts down and hold one image for 33 seconds.

It’s much easier to make a movie in your mind.  And it’s easier to keep a movie going for over a minute or so. It’s also easy to imagine yourself in your movie.

You need feelings – not details

The reasons you add lots of details into your visualisations is because it’s a way to keep your mind busy, and therefore you conjure up more intense feelings.  But you don’t have to add lots of details.  But you need to conjure up intense feelings of happiness and success somehow.  You do it with your imagination.

When I created my apartment, I imagined putting a key (a gold one of course) into the lock of my front door.  I had no idea where the front door was, or what it looked like – but I knew it was my front door. I opened the imaginary door, and as I stepped over the threshold, and I imagined: generating an intense feeling of gratitude and relief – to the point of tears.  (Very powerful creative energy).

Then, in my imagination, I walked around the flat and put my furniture where I wanted it.  Again, no particular details, but I had really intense feelings of ‘being home’ and being secure – and of course, gratitude.

You don’t need the details – you need the feelings. And if you can conjure up the feelings without the details – that’s great – do that.

One more detail – 

Repeated thoughts, with intense emotions creates your life.
The ‘magic’ word here is repeated.

1. Your imagination is your most powerful tool of creation and Gratitude is one of the most powerful creative feelings.  Learn to use both of them well.
2. Consistent repetition is key – do your visualisations daily. Small steps every day brings huge results.

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Over to you.

I hope these two visualising techniques give you the confidence and the courage you need to turn your dreams into a reality. As always I love hearing from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments, and of course, ask questions too.

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Rose Todd

  • Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for that. You have put into words what I do, but have never defined it… focusing on feelings is sooo powerful ????

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello ‘Pathways’ (Sorry you didn’t leave your name).
      Thank you so much for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. I love it when I read about something I’m already doing, but don’t realise it!
      Feelings are everything. They are our reason for living: our creative power; the indicator of how we’re doing on our path and the language of our soul!
      I’m glad you found the blog was helpful.
      Keep feeling and visualising and you’ll get where ever you want to go.
      Happy creating. Rose

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