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Being afraid and knowing what you’re afraid of is bad enough, but being filled with vague fears of the unknown is even worse!

If you sometimes get an eerie feeling that something dreadful is going to happen – but have no idea what it is or how it could happen: if sometimes you feel as if your mind is out of control – then Bach Flower Remedies can help you.

Vague Fears of the Unknown

Aspen is the remedy for unknown, vague fears and apprehension.  It’s almost as if the veil between the conscious and the sub, or unconscious is too thin, and all sorts of frightening things seem to slip through.

Someone in an Aspen state are highly sensitive and seem to unconsciously register simply everything – an atmosphere of conflict in the office; the chaos of the morning traffic or the general feeling of exhaustion of the passengers on the bus.  If you’re in need of Aspen,, you will absorb it all and feel anxious and apprehensive without knowing why.

Fear of the dark

Mary had always been afraid of the dark and the monsters that lived there.  When she was a small girl, her parents put a night-light outside her room and left her door ajar.  A little light crept in through the crack of the door and although that helped, she would still lie awake for hours with her thougths running amok.

Even as Mary grew older, her fear of the dark never left her.  She still had vague fears of the unknown and often had completely irrationaly thoughts that she couldn’t stop!   She couldn’t bring herself to talk about her fears, and so she didn’t know that everyone didn’t have the same anxieties as she did.

Sometimes she would have panic attacks in the night.  She would wake with nightmares and be overcome with fears and thoughts she couldn’t identify.

Can’t control your thoughts

Julianne was afraid of her own thoughts.  She had no rational control over her own thoughts.

There were times when she had weird thoughts and she was afraid she’d do something terrible.  She sometimes felt the urge to pick up a knife and stab her husband.  When she had these thoughts, she made sure she prepared their evening meal in advance, and she hit all the kitchen knives.  This might seem strange, or even funny – but to Julieanne it was very real and she had no control over them and was terrified of what she might do!

With the help of Cherry Plum, Julianne was able to pull her thoughts back into rational thought and there was no need to hide the kithen knives!

Aspen and Cherry Plum  will help restore the boundaries and close down the avenue of unknown fears and uncontrollable thoughts.

Bach Flower Remedies or essences, work.  If you chose the right remedy or essence, your negative emotions heal and melt away.   Not only are Bach Flower Remedies an excellent way to manage your own emotional health, but you can help your loved ones through their stresses too.

Perhaps you’d like to take it a little further and use the remedies to make a difference in the lives of others?
You can become a Bach Flower practitioner.

I have a Bach Flower Remedy onine courses.  Ther are two courses and althought some knowledge of the Bach Flower Remedies is helpful, it not necessary.  I teach you all you need to know.
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Over to you.

As always, I love hearing from you, so please leave your thoughts, comment and questions.

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Rose Todd

  • kanishk nathan says:

    hullo rose; im following yr comments on yr blogs by email; i had discovered u on the internet and i found yr website fascinating; nowadays im taking bach remedies for a variety of problems; i can tell u more about them , but first i want to know yr background training and experience with bach remedies, also how much it will cost to have a phone consult with u and what phone number or skype to contact u on; so let me know asap if u can help and how? thks; regards from kanishk nathan; my email in case u did not find it

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Nathan. Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m also pleased to hear you’re taking Bach Flower Remedies. As you’ve probably gathered, I love, the Remedies.
      I will answer you directly via email, but as some of what you ask could be relevant to others, I’ll answer it now.
      I started to use the Bach Flower Remedies in 1981 when my daughter was desperately ill. I saw a huge change in her nature in 3 days and I was hooked. I bought a book and a set of remedies in 1987, became a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, trained at the Bach Centre in 1991. And I have been using the remedies ever since. Constant study and experience have given my knowledge a deeper foundation and greater breadth. The more I use them, the more their power astounds me.
      I’ll be glad to help. That’s what I’m here for.
      Thank you for writing.
      Warm wishes Rose.

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