3 Simple Ways to Programme Your Mind for Success

Success doesn’t just turn up one day, at your front door, unannounced.  You have to programme your mind for success.  You have to develop a positive mind-set: set your intention and work towards being successful. You make a choice to programme your mind for success, if you want to live a happier life.

I’ve read that our minds are built for success – but we’re programmed for failure.

I’m afraid for many that’s so. To become successful, you have to achieve one of the most difficult things you’ve ever attempted – turn negative thoughts into positive.

Programme your Mind

Programming your mind for success involves becoming aware of your thoughts and changing the negative ones to positive.

Imagine a sign that says Negative thoughts are not allowed!!
In fact create an image or a banner and put it on your fridge so you see it regularly.

As you know the law of attraction always brings you more of what you’re thinking about. So, negative thinking creates negative outcomes.

As soon as you’re aware you’re thinking Negative – shout STOP – either in your mind, or out loud if you can.  That changes the subject immediate.  Now, you can take control and turn that same thought, into a positive statement.

Awareness.  Notice what you notice

Become aware of what you’re what you’re noticing.  How many of your daily thoughts are programming your mind for success?  Or are your average thoughts just run-of-the mill (normally) negative ones?

We become so wrapped up in our thoughts that we don’t notice them.  We’ve been thinking negative thoughts for so long, they’ve become our ‘normal’ so we don’t really notice them.
It’s much easier to notice how you feel rather than catch your negative thoughts.

Then the next step is really easy! 

Do you like how you feel?  Yes – then you’re doing just fine. Carry on doing what you’re doing.
Don’t like how you feel? – Then that’s the time to change the thoughts that are running amok through your mind.

But how do you do that?

Minimize it!

Here’s one idea. Change your Mind Set deliberately.  Minimise your negative thought! You’ve used the minimising button on your computer a thousand times.

So just imagine Clicking the minimize button and shrinking who or what’s bothering you down a small icon.

In your mind, imagine – or even just saying Minimise – will bring you back into control and you can shrink your problem and make it disappear.

Develop a positive Mind-Set

You’ve got to re-train your mind to think positive.  And I’m sorry to say, this is not going to happen overnight.

Choice happens instantly – change takes time.

Your mind has been thinking negative thoughts since early childhood, so don’t expect to wake up being 100% positive tomorrow morning.  We think the same thoughts over and over.  Our thoughts are  habits.
Be aware of your thoughts, change them one at a time – and do it continuously.

I hear you, loud and clear saying  That sounds like hard work Rose”.

You’re right – it is.  But not doing it means that you continue to live as you are.  And I thought you wanted to change your life?

Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction has been sold as a ‘manifesting technique’.  You’ve been told you can stay as you are and your dreams will come to you.    

Sad to say, this is not how it works.  You have to change your negative thoughts and develop a positive attitude.  You have to become the You who is already living the dream, before it can manifest.

Getting what you want in life is about becoming the best person you can be – in every moment.  It takes patience and practice and dedication.

You can do it

You can programme your mind for success.  It is possible. Millions have done it and you can do it do – I know you can.  And I’m here to help you.

So, if I haven’t frighten you away by being blunt about the ‘real’ Law of Attraction’ and if you’re interested, keep reading.

Wake up to a life you love living

To go back to my opening sentence, success is not an accident. Success is something you have to create on purpose.  And you absolutely can do it!  I’ve done it!  Thousands upon thousands have done it – and I know you can do it too.

And to do that, I believe it’s essential to understand what the law of attraction is, and how it works so that you know what you’ve got to do to create success.

You’ll need a clear vision of where you want to go and you need a plan to folllow so that every day, so you move closer and closer to your dream life.

5 Simple Steps to Manifestaion

Now, it just so happens that I have a system (5 simple steps to manifestation): and I have strategy and tools to help you get very clear on what you want, and I have a very effective t00l that you can use, daily, to take you towards your dream.   I’d like to tell you abll about it, in my Step into Success webinar on Wednesday 6th June 2018 at 8pm British Summer time.

You don’t have to live last year all over again this year.  You can change your life, so why don’t you join me.

Click here to register now.  This webinar can change your life – if you’re willing!


Over to you.

As always I love to hear from you, so please leave your comments, your thoughts and ideas and of course,  please leave your questions too.   Please leave your questions in the Comment box below.

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