Law of Attraction. Self Belief Is Everything

By far the biggest problem you face when you want to create a better and happier life, is that you’re filled with self-doubt.  Self-doubt cripples us.  You don’t feel good enough and feel you don’t deserve to have all the good things you dream of.  Some people believe they haven’t been ‘good enough’ to deserve to be happy.  Self-belief is Everything!

Self-doubt will limit and restrict your life – and your dreams too.  Yes, you’ll be able to day-dream, but your day-dreams will only be Disneyland fantasy and not the sort of dreams that you can turn into an extraordinary life.

Changing self-doubt into self-belief takes awareness, dedication and time  – but quite honestly, not doing it, is not really an option is it?  Self-Belief is Everything!

So here are 5 tips to help you move from self-doubt into self-belief.

  1. Find the good things about you

Ask your mother what you were like as a young child.  Or if you can’t ask your mother, ask a good friend you can trust.
They’ll tell you about the special qualities that you had.  These are qualities you still have (what I call soul qualities) and are the essence of your personality.

They will tell that you were kind and compassionate: always saving bees from drowning, or putting a bowl of water out on the pavement for the dogs in summer.   They’ll tell you, you were the ‘reliable and responsible one’ – always the one they could depend on.  Or perhaps you were the peacemaker in the family and was always finding ways to patch up the arguments of others.
They will tell you something special about you.  These qualities are at the foundation of your self-belief and self-confidence. Its these qualities that you can begin to recognise in yourself and come to like.

  1. Listen to you

Listen to how you talk to you!  Be aware of what you’re saying about yourself all the time.

If it’s negative talk – then it’s not true. It really isn’t true.

The only reason we believe things is because we’ve been told them repeatedly.

Choose some good, simple affirmations and replace your negative chat with positive talk. Literary, as soon as a negative thought comes into your mind, say a positive affirmation stronger and louder.  “I CAN do it.  I KNOW I can do it!” are good ones. And that’s enough to pull you back form the flood of negativity.

  1. Don’t listen to others.

The ‘others’ are the ones that gave you the false beliefs that have created your present life.  The chances are that the ‘others’ don’t understand how the Law of Attraction works and that we’re all creating our lives with our thoughts and feelings, so don’t listen to them.

Listen to the people that make you feel good.  Nothing is more important that feeling good.  Read, listen and talk to people who support you and make you feel good.

  1. Don’t build obstacles.

Our imagination is the most powerful tool of creation.  You create everything with your imagination.  This means you’ve created your self-image (how you imagine yourself to be) and your self-belief from your imagination.

You create your worries and your fears from your imagination.  You create your stumbling blocks and the obstacles in your life with your imagination.

Imagine what you do want – not what you don’t want.

  1. The Rule of 10

We learn everything by repetition.  Consistently being told you’ve done wrong, you didn’t get it right: constantly being shouted at and criticised builds the belief that you’re not good enough.

But you are good enough – just as you are.  You really are! 

Repetition is key.  Apply the Rule of 10.  Say your positive affirmations at least 10 times a day. Saying things over and over not only gives your mind something to do so it doesn’t slip back into the habit of negative thought, but it also reinforces positive thoughts.

Work to the Rule of 10.  You may not notice having less negative thoughts, but you might just start to notice life is better, easier and happier in small and subtle ways!

This means you’ve set your foot firmly on the path to self-belief and a happier and more successful life – and all it takes is determination and a mind-shift!
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Over to you

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Rose Todd

  • Darren says:

    hi Rose,
    slowly but surly i’m getting back onboard the good ship LoA. had a crappy couple of weeks, but i’m feeling much better now.
    thx u

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Darren. Good to hear that you’re getting back ‘on board’. You certainly have had a lot of uphill to contend with. Glad you’re truned the corner.
      I hope you feel a lot better soon. Thank you for writing. Warm wishes. Rose

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