Law of attraction: Hitting the Wall?

Crash!  Bang!  Thump!  Oh dear.  Are you alright?  Did that hurt?

I’m afraid my ‘walls’ are not always obvious and sometimes they creep up on me. Remember that we create everything in our lives and often the things that happen to us are symbolic.  So often the first indication of me hitting the wall comes when I bang my head.  But I don’t think much about it.  Then, a day or so later, I’ll give my head a really hard bang against the desk!   

That stoHitting the wallps me in my tracks.  And I make tea – you know one has to have tea when one thinks about things. Well, I make tea and I think about why I feel as if I’m not getting anywhere.  

It always comes down to something simple – what I want to happen, either isn’t showing any signs of happening, even though I’m trying my hardest to bring it about.  Or, whatever I want isn’t coming quick enough!!   And it is so frustrating!  That’s the brick wall.  

We’re told to be specific about what we want; making lists of every detail.  And if we do that, when we’re flying high, that’s fine.  But when we get back into the mundane of life, we to become removed from the dream and we seem to notice that our dream still hasn’t showed up.   

While we think about our desire,  our beliefs about reaching our goal are a match – they are on the same wavelength.  And we feel amazing!  Then we fall back into our familiar uncomfortable thought patterns of doubt and disbelief in ourselves.   

Our desire and our belief about us reaching what we want become further and further apart.  There is a huge gap.  To achieve our goal – our belief that we can reach it – have to be on the same vibration.   

So what to do?  Don’t do what society suggests and lower your expectation!  Remember expectation is a very powerful tool of creation.    

Get pen and paper and tea (of course) and write down what you want.  Then make some notes about how you can take steps to get there.  You have to believe that it’s possible to reach the first stepping stone otherwise you’re going to hit a brick wall there too.  Then plan the next step – this has got to be further out of your comfort zone: its got to be scary and exciting at the same time.  Now imagine that it will be easier to reach from your new stepping stone.

You’re doing two things – by chunking down the path to your dream, you’re now looking at your dream in a positive light and taking small steps towards it.  You’re also, little by little, changing your belief about you reaching your goal – you are closing the gap between your desire and your belief about reaching it.  As you raise your vibrations, you get on to the same wavelength as your goal – and the Universe has to deliver – It’s the Law.  

Hitting the wall, although painful – is a huge wake up-call to fix your eye on your goal, monitor your emotions and take some steps towards your dream every day.

I hope you found this helpful. If you’d like me to help to take the first steps towards your dream, why not book a coaching call?  I’d love to hear from you.  

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