Law of Attraction Mentoring and Coaching

Need a little help... ?  

Are you stuck?  Frustrated?  Feeling drained of energy? 

Or perhaps you just never seem to get anywhere....?  
Do your goals seem to be getting further away ... rather than closer?

Don't worry, you are not alone... and help is available!  

Everybody goes through these phases.  Yes, even high flying business people and top performing athletes.

However... the difference between those who come out of the slump and keep progressing and those fall backwards only to get stuck in the quick-sand of ever decreasing spirals is... getting some outside help!  

That's it. It really is that simple... 

"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself." - Oprah Winfrey

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you." - Bob Proctor

Top business executives and successful business entrepreneurs have mentors, world class athletes have coaches... and there is a good reason for this!  They can see the things holding you back that you can't.... and won't ever be able to see!

A mentor or a coach can help you get back on track and get you back to living your best life as soon as possible!

The secret to success is in these three steps...

I have been coaching and mentoring for several decades now... So, what is my Approach?
My approach is based around your personal journey... everybody is different... here's how it works...

STEP #1 Your point of realisation and determination - "finding your feet and setting your direction"

For many of my clients their first realization that they need to make a change is that they decide that they are not going keep persisting in the same sub-optimal (often unhappy) situation any more... That's it!  They need to do something and change something.  That is the first and most important step to start their journey.  BUT... this realisation doesn't necessarily give you any clue as to where you want to be going.  In fact it can leave you with a feeling like you have 'fallen into the Abyss' as mentally you have committed to leaving what you know behind... and you are preparing to stride out into the unknown. 

The only thing you really know for certain is that you want to change... and that is okay... because, you have started the journey.  You have taken the first step.  If this is you... if you are recognising this, then I recommend that you look at the Discovery Session.  This is where we start to explore tools and techniques to combat the uncertainty and feeling of overwhelm you may be feeling.  You'll be able to de-clutter and gain clarity.  It is only once you have done this that you can step away from the the confusion.  The Discovery Sessions are specially designed to 'explore' where you want your life to be going.  Some people will call this your 'Life's Purpose'.  I love these as (based on my experience) you will be more than pleasantly surprised at the outcome.... 

STEP #2 Your momentum kick start - "building confidence, overcoming resistances and making reliable consistent progress"

Once you get clear on what you want change, then know your 'destination'... and you'll need a plan on how you are going to get there.  Some, although far fewer, clients come to me at this stage.  This is because they have being trying to reach their ideal state... and have been knocked back and failed time and time again and are about to give up.  Although you know were you want to be... you just can't seem to get there.  

If this is you... don't despair. The good news is that you have gone through what is often the most painful part of the journey.  We can start to apply logic and reason and start to regain control of the emotional riot that you have been experiencing!  

If you are recognising this then I recommend you look at the Map Making Sessions. This is where we set about learning how to achieve the often 'big leaps' that you have got planned but haven't yet managed.  This is also the part where we can develop stronger coping mechanisms so that you can bounce back quicker and stronger every time you meet any resistance to the path your journey is taking you on.  This is where you initially gain small successes and build on the repeated success to build your unstoppable momentum towards your goals.

STEP #3 Your unstoppable success - "developing self reliance, using the universal 'levers' and continued growth"

Following your initial successes this phase is really a sustained longer term relationship.  This stops you falling into a 'rut' or going stale on your ambitions.  This phase is about pushing and maximising every possible outcome based on what you have already learnt and applied in the previous phases of my approach.  There is less to say about this phase but more to do... this unlocks your maximum potential!

If you are interested in this phase then I recommend you look at the Platinum Package

My methods have been developed over decades...

Now you understand my approach and the phases... I can reveal my own unique methodology, developed though decades of trial and error.  

The 5R Method is the best 'mental overlay' for your transformation that I have found in nearly 40 years of doing this - and trust me, I've tried many, many methods.  All of our sessions together will use the 5R Method which builds your progress and successes.  

Here is a taster - it's just a top level glimpse, it's only scratching the surface!  

Don't dismiss it as being too simple.  It is very powerful.  Look at the results it generates (elsewhere on this page) and then decide if you would like to try it out... and get similar results for yourself?

 "I had the pleasure of working with Rose at a very difficult point in my life. I was at a career crossroads having been made redundant out of the blue. I had always wanted to set up my own business and it was going well but I just seemed to have too many options. She presented me with a way forward that seemed so obvious. And there's been no stopping me since. My business has gone from strength to strength. Just three months after consulting with Rose, I was earning as much from my own business as I had in my previous job!

I am so glad I met Rose at that critical time. I would highly recommend Rose to anyone at a crossroads or who has a difficult decision to make.
"  Cheryl B. Gloucestershire 

My Coaching and Mentoring Packages

If you're ready to transform your life, release the past and create a life you love living then one of my coaching or mentoring sessions or packages is for you.

If you have a sense that there's more to life than what you're now living, then mentoring/coaching can help you.

  • Do you dream of enjoying increased health and vitality?
  • Closer and more loving relationships ?
  • A more fulfilling job?  
  • check
    Having greater time-money freedom?

I offer a range of sessions which span every possible step in your new journey... take a look...


  • Step #1
  • Get On Your Feet
  • Set Your Direction
  • check
    Find Your Purpose

Map Making

  • Step #2
  • Plan your Route
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • check
    Consistent Successes


  • Step #3
  • Leverage Successes
  • Progress Accelerator
  • check
    Realise Your Full Potential

Your Discovery Session

During your Discovery session we will:

  • Take stock of each area of your life to discover what’s working and what isn’t working.
  • Talk about what is really stopping you manifesting the things you want
  • Guide you what to do next

The main purpose of this one-off consultation is to give you hope, clarity and the confidence to take action.  You will leave knowing, that at last, you've taken some positive steps forward.  You will be amazed at what we can achieve in our time together.... in just three easy steps...

1) Make your booking using the button below...
2) Call or email me to arrange your session....
3) Have your personal or Skype/Phone consultation with me and take the next step towards your future ...
I am here to help you do this!

"I have never experienced anything quite like this, since meeting Rose and had some coaching,I have been lucky enough to not only have a couple of job offers but I also have had some luck in my love life too, with new opportunities presenting themselves to me - thank you for all your wisdom and great teaching." Jenny - Hertfordshire

Book Your Discovery Session now.... 

£75 (Equivalent to approx $97 USD)

Map Making Sessions 

 Map Making Coaching
* If  you feel as if  'there has to be more to life that this' or
* if you're looking for your higher purpose
*If you love the Law of Attraction but are not sure how to work it, practically....

I'm here to help you find it.  
There are 4  sessions over 2 months or 6 sessions over 3 months (which ever suits you).
In this coaching programme so you can gain clarity and confidence to move steadily and surely towards greater well-being, developing  your career or finding or enhancing your relationships.


During our time together, you will:
* Gain clarity about what you do want in life.
* Take life back in your own hands by establishing your priorities.
* Design your life by setting intentions and goals.
* Draw a map; make a plan how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Begin to take the first steps to becoming the woman you know you can be.

Book your Map Making Session Now...

1 Session: £75 (Equivalent to approx $97 USD)
2 Sessions: £135 - Save 10%! (Equivalent to approx $175 USD)
4 Sessions: £240 - Save 20%! (Equivalent to approx $312 USD)
6 Sessions: £337.50 - Save 25%! (Equivalent to approx $439 USD)

Two of the Keys to manifesting your dreams are
Commitment and Consistency
To encourage you through your manifestation process: to support you with your
Commmitment and to help you work Consistenly, the first 3 programmes need to be completed
in 6 months.  They expire 6 months after purchase.
The 6 session programme needs to be completed within 8 months.

This programme is 4 or 6 sessions over 2 month or 3 months and together we will prepare the foundation for you to step confidently on to the path of your dreams.

Each sessions is 1 hour long and you will leave with a greater understand of life and yourself and have tools and techniques that you'll incorporate into a daily discipline.

The consultations can be done in person or via Skype, Monday to Friday 9-4pm (I'm flexible on this, so contact me these times don't suit you).

You can take the sessions once weekly or fortnightly - again which ever suits you best.

You can make a different choice in an instant, but it takes time for the changes to be established.  It takes time to create a happier life.

A message from Rose

The circumstances of my life lead me to become extremely interested in how the Law of Attraction works and how this knowledge can be used to create a life of happiness and success.

Life has taught me a very practical wisdom which I love to share and guide people to live the life of their dreams. If you are weighed down by a problem this opportunity can get you back on track: I can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel that you doubted was there.

“Thank you for your wonderful sessions this year. I am now finding my way to my real life that's full of rich abundance and it seems endless possibilities.”
Susan K. England

“Through Rose’s coaching and guidance I began the process of building a new and better life.  Every day I am reminded of the power of the Universe and of what can be delivered once you know how to engage with it.  Rose’s experience of life and her wisdom, guided me to see opportunities and solutions I didn’t know existed.”
J. Freeman. England.