I’m Having a Rant…I’m Standing on my Soap Box!

I’m tired of people telling me the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, just like Gravity.  How can it not work? Have you found that sometimes Gravity doesn’t work?  Of course Gravity and the Law of Attraction work all the time.  You and the Law of Attraction are creating your life moment by moment.

What people mean is that the Law of Attraction hasn’t delivered what they wanted.  Although they say they understand how the Law of Attraction works, it is obvious that they don’t.

Now, not only am I on my soap box but I have a loud haler too. The Law of Attraction is NOT a manifesting technique that you get out of the cupboard when you want to create something particular.  It’s working all day, every day and it’s your faithful friend as it’s recreating your life as you are thinking and feeling in every single moment.

So, instead of trying to hammer this point home, I’ve come up with an idea: a new concept which I’ve called Conscious Living – doesn’t that sound nice?

You know that you create your life with your thoughts and feelings. You also know, but perhaps have not realised it, that nothing changes until you do.  To have a happier and more successful life you need to change and feel want you want before the Law of Attraction can deliver.  Remember – Feel it First.

Conscious Living involves changing your negative thoughts – one by one – consciously; deliberately and consistently by imagining and visualising a better feeling thought. To reinforce your new creative, better feeling thought, write down some affirmations and speak them: sing them – and do it often so that the new better feeling thought becomes the new belief and overrides the old negative one.

“Do I hear you shouting ‘it doesn’t work’!”  “Well” I say, climbing back onto my soap box – “it does work. I’ve done it: my coaching clients have done it: millions of others have done it, including one very famous lady you all know – Louise Hay”.   It does work.

The right affirmations that specifically suit you and your situation in life, repeated frequently, as a daily discipline can change your mind set and your life.

My coaching programme is now focusing on Conscious Living.  During the sessions, I look at what you have created, what you want to create and why, and then we start changing your thought patterns using your imagination and your emotions.  We’ll create very particular affirmations that suit your situation, your desires and goals.

This might just be the step you need to take to help you live a happy and successful life.

I have now put away my soapbox!

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