Three Little Words

Three little words …(And no, it’s not Tea and Biscuits!)

Valentine’s Day is approaching and there’ll be many songs of love played on the radio and people either whispering, or hoping to hear the most famous three little words of all – I love you.

Nothing I say can replace the joy of hearing or even speaking those words, for to give and receive love is the greatest joy on earth. However I can offer you three little deeds to do instead.

Whether you are dreaming of a romantic Valentine’s Day-type of relationship, with roses and champagne, bells and whistle or whether you are already in a loving relationship, you can use my three little deeds to bring love into your life or to deepen and enrich an already existing love.

For this you will require, as always, tea and there is every possibility you might need a biscuit too; you’ll also need pen and paper and a quiet place.  You are going to make three different lists.

The first list is what you want out of your relationship.If you are unsure, here are some suggestions:

Be aware that in the ideal relationship there will first be a meeting of minds. So you want someone who is intelligent and you can talk to and laugh with. You want someone who is kind, loving; flexible and has similar values to your own. So make this list first.

The second is to list the character traits that have ruined your previous relationships; make a list of things you do not want. For example you don’t want someone who is quick to anger; that is controlling and manipulative.  You don’t want someone who doesn’t listen to you and who criticises you. List the things that you absolutely will not accept.

Thirdly – and I’ve saved the best for last – make a list of all you are going to bring to the relationship.  What have you got to put on the table of this new relationship?  Make a list of all the qualities and characteristics that you are going to add to the mix of you new or old relationship.  I’m hoping that this list is a longer and more expanded version of your first list.

Do those three little deeds, live the everything that is on last list on a moment by moment basis, and it won’t be long before the Law of Attractions delivers that very special one who says the much-longed for three little words.

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