Outside the Box

I’ve come to the conclusion that we live in ‘a box’.

Just sit for a few seconds and imagine you are in a box – it’s not comfortable is it? So why do we stay inside? Why don’t we just move out?

Well, you see it’s not that easy because there is something keeping us in there. It’s not something physical that restrains us: it’s something much worse. We could cope with physical obstacles.

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It’s fear and fear is really scary.

We stay inside the box because we’re afraid to move out of it.

And yet everything we want and dream about is outside the box and to get it, we’d have to put aside our fears and anxieties and we would have to change!

Or we stay inside our comfort zone and don’t make any decisions that would challenge us to grow.

A bit boring but safe.

So, how do you get outside the box? We have to want something so badly that it challenges us to face our fears and anxieties; push aside our lack of confidence and start a plan of action to get us from where we are to where we want to be.

We have to begin to change. We have to begin to change our beliefs about what we can and can’t do.

When we’re inspired to meet any challenge head on, we are going to achieve our dream and become more in the process.

Intention: focus: discipline, patience and practice are qualities needed to get outside the box.

And do you know the most interesting thing? When our desires are so strong and we’re inspired, we’re not even aware that we call on these qualities that are within each of us.

A bit like Nike, we ‘just do it’.


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