Chasing the Dream

I’ve been watching some of the TV programme, Britain’s Got Talent recently.  Have you been watching it?

There have been some remarkably talented people, haven’t there?

One group caught my attention.

Two men have written the script and score of a musical and they’ve gathered some enthusiastic singers and dancers to perform on the BGT show.

The name they chose for their group is Chasing the Dream. I seem to remember that’s the name of the musical too.

‘Ah well’ I thought. ‘They won’t win’.  And they didn’t get through to the semi-finals.  Can you see why I thought they wouldn’t win?

You know the power of your self-talk and you know that the constant chatter in your mind is all a reflection of your belief system.

Do you realise that you are living ‘your belief system’ every moment of every day?  Your belief system creates your life, your self-image and your identity. How you identify yourself and how the world responds to you is tied to your self-image.

How has this musical group identified itself? What are they putting out to the Universe?

They are ‘chasing’ the dream.

Will they ever reach their dream?  With that name, I doubt it.

However they were so passionate about their show, that they might find a way to catch their dream.

I do hope so.

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Rose Todd