When the Going Gets Tough…

It’s not how you start…

We all set goals of some sort. We even set small daily goals to do this, that or the other. But somehow we don’t always achieve what we set out to do, do we?

Some time ago you set yourself a ‘special’ goal – I wonder if you are still actively working towards that goal or not?

Are you one of those that keep on going when the going gets tough? Or does your motivation fade?

I’d like to tell you about a story I read some time ago.

John Stephen Akhvan from Tanzania, kept going! He kept going long after all the others had either given up or finished.

He kept going long after the crowds that gathered at the finish line had moved on. He kept going long after the camera men and reporters had left.

He kept going until he finished the 26 mile marathon in the 1968 Olympic Games. Despite being injured in a fall, he kept going, hurling himself across the finish line, Akhvan finished the marathon over an hour after everyone else.

When Akhvan was asked to comment about finishing the race, he said “my country did not send me 7000 miles to start the race. They sent me 7000 miles to finish the race”.

From my perspective, finishing is knowing your goal and constantly taking one step after another (literary) toward the goal. He held the intention, hour after painful hour, to get to his goal.

Rose-Todd-When-going-gets-toughThat’s dedication. That’s singularity of purpose. That’s a huge accomplishment.

Can you honestly say that you have been so dedicated about reaching your goal as the marathon runner?

I know I haven’t. I lose the momentum and I move the ‘goal’-posts (pun intended).

If the going has got tough for you, then revisit your goal.

Go back to the notes you made in your journal about why you want what you want. Are those reasons still valid?

Will having the goal still bring you the feelings of freedom, happiness, success and peace of mind you were looking for?

If so – refresh them. Get back into the swing of frequent visualisations.

Go back to your daily affirmations

Go back to standing tall, walk the talk – as if you’d already reached your goal.

If not, then go back to the beginning and start again.

Make sure you start out with passion and commitment, take each step with intention and dedication and you’ll finish the same way.

How you start is important but how you finish is your life.

Do you feel as if you’ve hit a brick wall? I’ll be talking about that next week!


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Rose Todd

  • Claire says:

    helpful and pertinent as ever. thanks

    • Rose says:

      Hi Claire. Thank you for your comment. And thank you for your kind words too. I hope the blog helped you get back on track/or stay on track – and that you are now heading, more confidently toward the finish line.
      happy creating.

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