Law of Attraction The Incredible Power of Expectation

When I first heard I create my own reality I didn’t doubt it for one moment.

The spiritual teacher I was following (and still am) introduced this new concept and I trusted the teachings – so I didn’t doubt it.

I also didn’t doubt that we create our lives because I’d experienced it – in a very positive and real way. I knew I could make things happen.

During my teenage years, my mother’s favourite book was The Power of Positive Thinking written by Norman Vincent Peale.  Expectation-300x300

It was a well-known book in the 1960s and was possibly the first of its kind around that time. So we were brought up on a diet rich in positive thought. And when something didn’t turn out quite as I hoped, Mum would ask ‘What’s good about this? There is always something good – even if it is only showing you that this is not the right way for you’.

So with a positive attitude to life, accepting the concept of creating my own life was natural – exciting and thrilling. And I knew I could do it – as I’d done it before.

A very long time ago I worked for an airline at the airport and so got rebated travel.

My mother and father had moved to England and I wanted to go and visit them. So I bought my rebated ticket and my husband took me to the airport.

There was chaos at the airport. The aircraft was over booked and there were 19 passengers on stand-by tickets. The Duty Office said he’d be lucky to get all the fare-paying passengers away on the flight and sent all the stand-bys home. My husband picked up my case and said ‘lets go – we’ll try the next flight’. The next flight was two days later! I was not going to wait until then! I told him I was going on this flight and I was waiting.

I expected to go!

I told him he could go home if he wanted to, but I was staying as I was going on that flight.

And so we waited. He was very fed up and kept telling me he wanted to go home and that we were waiting for nothing.

The aircraft doors close 15 minutes prior to take off. At this time, he once more said – ‘please can we go now?’ I didn’t have time to answer, as the Duty Office came running out calling …

Rose! Rose! Thank goodness you’re still here. There’s been a mistake in the head-count. There is one seat available! Run. I’ll take you case. Immigration is waiting for you. Run!!

I quickly said good bye to my husband and as I ran towards immigration, I heard him say “How do you do that?

I expected to go to England that night. I’d made up my mind. It was not an option – I expected to go.

Expectation is a very powerful tool of creation – and one that has been diminished by being told ‘Don’t get your expectations up’ and when things don’t work out we were told ‘What do you expect?’

Expectation is tied to your belief of yourself.

Have you had experiences when you created something and you knew it was going to happen: so you expected it to happen – and it did?  Please leave a conment I love to hear from you.


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Rose Todd

  • Daren Baynes says:

    Another great piece and reminds me of something that I do and my wife always says how do you manage that – when I go Into a car park I will always drive as close to the shop as possible and she will say that there are no spaces so I might as well pack a distance away . I always say no and that a space is about to come free near the shop and as I expect a space will just appear !!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Daren. Thank you for writing. I love to hear your stories. Expectation is very powerful isn’t – and a very handy thing to use when it comes to car parks! If you really want to ‘wow’ yoru wife – the same ‘parking power’ on bigger creations too. Its an amazing tool and we are inclined to forget about it. Happy creating. Rose

  • Johanna says:

    Hi Rose,
    For the past 6 yrs my world has been turned upside down and I have had every bit of bad luck going! I have tried Positive Thinking and visualising happy times etc but every time I get my hopes up they get knocked back down! What am I doing wrong? Is it possible that some people are just not meant to be happy or lucky?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Joanna. Thank you for writing. Everyone deserves to be happy, but I don’t think there is such a thing as luck.
      To give you a brief answer to your questions – the reason you seem to be having bad luck is because of the building of momentum. Firstly, don’t forget it is the feelings that are creative – not the thoughts. So although you might be ‘thinking’ positive – do those positive thoughts generate good feelings? Are your positive thoughts coming from a place of lack rather than excited anticipation that good things are around the corner? It sounds to me as if you’re continuously creating from the place of ‘everything is going wrong for me’ – or something similar.
      In a nutshell – when you hold a thought and feeling for 17 seconds, the law of attraction sends another similar thought to join it. Hold the thought for 34 seconds and now you get lots of similar thoughts: hold it for 68 seconds, and your thoughts have now built up a momentum that we cant stop and manifestation is on its way. That’s not a long time to hold thought and feeling is it? So you can see how easily you are creating similar situations happening over and over.
      Unfortunately we can’t stop momentum when its been going longer than 68 seconds. The only thing we can do is start a new, good feeling momentum – and make sure its stronger.
      This is not as easy as it sounds, and takes practice.
      Where are you? write to me at [email protected] – let me know where you are, and perhaps we can arrange to have a quick chat, and I could help you a little more.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Alex says:

    I have a question about expectation which is driving me nuts! I absolutely believe that our reality is shaped by our thought beliefs emotions etc and that our expectations make things happen but heres a scenario that i had happen in my life . One day i was in my basement and i went to go turn on the light as i always do , not even thinking about it completely expecting the light to come on , like absolute expectation that i didnt even give it a thought, and it did not come on because the light blew out. Also there way another time where i was coming down the stairs and ( im sure some of you amy have experienced it) i ghost stepped it , i was so sure and so expecting a stair to be there but i completely missed it ….. In both theese cases i was so expectant of it that it was an automatic thing born out of habit , almost completely blind expectation , and yet it did not happen so could someone please explain this to me ? If we do create through our expectations why is it that the light didnt come on or the stair wasnt there?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Alex. Thank you very much for your comment. I’m sorry about the delay in replying – in truth, I didn’t quiet know how to answer you.
      But think I’ve got a helpful answer now.
      There are certain things in life we ‘expect’ to happen, the light coming on when we switch on a switch. And we don’t expect to trip down a stair.
      Your words were ‘I absolutely believe that our reality is shaped out our thoughts, beliefs and emotions – and our expectations make things happen’. You’re right, we always get what we expect in life.
      We all have 3 tools of creation: Desire (which is spontaneous, so we don’t have to do anything about that). Imagination- an extremely powerful tool of creation: we imagine everything into being. And Expectation – again a very powerful tool of creation.
      I don’t know how much of this you know, but, repeated thoughts become the beliefs we have about ourselves and life. Do you know about Momentum? If not get back to me on that one. Law of attraction can be called momentum. Momentum changes thoughts into things – and therefore our repeated thoughts manifest and now we ‘believe’ them – because its ‘true’ – it happened. And therefore we now ‘expect’ it to happen. Expectation: the tool of creation – is tied to our beliefs and we may not get what we want in life, we will always, always get what we expect.
      How does this fit in with your ‘ordinary’ things like a light blub blowing or tripping? To me, it depends on how you felt about those experiences: if they were minor – and are just some minor momentum that’s going – but if they had deeper meanings, then that is a reflection of a belief (which is an expectation) that is strong in your vibration.
      I hope this is helpful. If it isn’t, and you feel like having a Skype chat about it, let me know.
      Warm wishes. Rose

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