Bach Flowers. Steering A Steady Course Through Challenging Times

It’s often been said that the only thing that’s constant in our lives is change.  Everything is changing all the time.  You only need to give it a moment’s thought to see how much our world is changing and as our world changes so does our lives.  We are living through challenging times and it can be difficult to deal with life as it comes at us full on

Outer and inner change

It’s not just our outer world that’s changing.  I wonder if you’ve noticed how you’re changing too?  And are you aware of the ever-expanding movement of personal-growth  (some call it self-development)?  Many people are now recognising their old beliefs as they surface through memories, emotions and old thought patterns and are working to heal their hurts of the past.

Facing your past

Steering your way though challenging times of change is much easier if you leave the ‘rubbish’ of your suppressed emotions behind.  You really don’t want to take it with you anyway. You pushed it into the dark recesses of your mind, so now is a good time to heal and clear out all your negative beliefs and thought patterns that aren’t working for you anymore.

I have used the Bach Flower Remedies for over 35 years
to heal my own and my families negative emotions.

Bach Flower Remedies

3 important suppressed emotions.

I believe there are 3 major emotions we’re inclined to suppress. And just in case you’re not sure what they are – they’re Anger, Hurt and Guilt.

This amazingly powerful healing system can heal and soothe even the oldest of beliefs and feelings.  If you find these emotions come up for you more often than you’d like, it means they’re coming from old beliefs and they are like a ball and chain around your ankle. They are stopping you reaching a glorious and happy future.

Here are some suggestions to heal and release these suppressed emotions.


Oh goodness me -we’re so good at suppressing anger, especial in our families.  I know families who have not spoken to one and other for years, all because they had a fight 30 years ago.  All their anger is pushed down and surfaces from time to time.  Suppressed anger will cloud your vision as you try to steer a course though challenging times.

Holly  is the remedy to take when you’re angry because you feel hurt, insulted or wounded.

Or if you keep your anger to yourself for a long time, you’ll develop a “I’ve been treated unfairly” attitude, then your anger turns to bitterness and resentment. You would take Willow to help heal this anger and help you have a new perspective

You might be interested in this blog about releasing old angers,

Hurt and pain

Hurt and pain robs you of the inspiration and motivation to steer your life safely through challenging times.

A lot of pain comes from  a broken heart.   Star of Bethlehem is the remedy to heal your pain and sorrows – no matter how old they are.  The Bach Flower Remedies are vibrational  remedies and carry information (just like broadband).  Our emotions are part of our energy field, so the remedies will heal even the oldest wounds.

Guilt   Now this is a biggie!  Loads of people say they don’t feel guilty, but in the next sentence they say they feel bad because they should have/could have done more.  Or they say they suffer with ‘self-blame’.  That’s guilt!  Perhaps they don’t allow themselves to feel it so they suppress it.

Pine is an incredibly powerful remedy and it heals that horrible feeling that you’ve done something wrong, or you could have done something better.

If you’re lacking self-confidence you’ll need Larch then you’ll possibly find that you have some feelings of guilt lurking around too.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but these two remedies go well together.

Healing your feelings changes your life

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook,
peace of mind and inner happiness.”  E. Bach

Once you’ve healed your anger and pain, your inner beliefs will be healed too and so your thought patterns will naturally be more positive.  Healing your negative feelings automatically release them and leaves you free to live a fulfilling life.

Healing and stepping away from these deep and heavy emotions will make it easier for you to navigate the stormy waters of challenging times.

Over to you

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your comments on the blog page.  I love to receive your thoughts and comments, and of course your questions too.

Click here to find out more about the Bach Flower Remedies.  They have been my constant companions for 35 years and have seen me through some of the roughest and darkest and most challenging of times.
The Remedies can help you navigate through stormy waters.

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Rose Todd

  • Judith says:

    loll hthank you Rose just what I need right now.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Judith. It’s a pleasure. We can’t go forward if we’re trying to drag what didn’t work with us.
      Glad the blog helped. Take care and warm wishes. Rose

      • Rose Todd says:

        Hello Judith. It’s a pleasure. We can’t go forward if we’re trying to drag what didn’t work with us.
        Glad the blog helped. Take care and warm wishes. Rose

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