The Champagne Effect

It’s so exciting and exhilarating when your desires are fresh and new.  The flash of inspiration that comes with the desire; the excitement and enthusiasm for the new idea just bubbles out of you, a bit like a glass overflowing with champagne.

But if you haven’t practised your thoughts about your desire long enough, and it’s taking a long time to manifest, then you grow weary of trying to hold the ‘space’ for it.

This is understandable, because the non-physical world of vibration doesn’t hold our attention.  We are naturally focused on what we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch – just as we should be – for after all, we came to create, have fun and live in our physical world.

The Spiritual You

There is a part of you that is bigger than the part you know as you. There is a spiritual part of you which is eternal.  You were non-physical before you became physical, but only a small part of you became physical.  The greatest part of who you are is still in the non-physical.

Spiritual-you-2So you’re not non-physical and then became physical – you are both non-physical and physical at the same time.

You are extensions of what I call your soul, others call this eternal part of you, your inner being or your higher self.  This part of you, is part of All That Is, or source energy, or whatever name you call the divine.

So, I know what you’re now asking – because loads of people have already asked me this.

“If I am part of my inner being/ higher self or soul, then shouldn’t I be more spiritual?  Shouldn’t I be thinking about more important things in life?   (And here’s the bottom line) – Is it ‘spiritual’ to want all the things that I want’!

As I say, I’m asked this often.  These questions imply that the material world is less than important than the non-physical/spiritual world. It’s almost as if , because you’re spiritual, you feel you shouldn’t be concerned with the mere ‘physical’ or material stuff of life!

Goodness me!   Success_is_spiritual

There’s nothing more spiritual and important than creating a happy and successful life!  Creating everything is a spiritual process – but consciously creating fun (joy) and success (happiness) is the most spiritual thing you can do!

Wanting ‘more’ encourages us to stretch and grow: to learn new skills, expand our talents and become more than who we were yesterday.  It’s all part of personal and spiritual growth.

Now, here’s one of the most amazing things about this whole process.  When you hold the champagne feeling  that your new desire inspires within you – your beautiful soul takes that inspiration; takes your new idea and immediately expands and it becomes your dream!

Soul stuff

So, the larger part of you (your soul or inner being) is evolving because of your desires and dreams!  Can there be soul_blue_flameanything more spiritual than that?

However if you don’t hold the champagne-feelings and stay with the expansion of your desire, and start to notice that you haven’t got your dream, then you begin to feel negative emotion.

The negative emotions you feel are the gap between the vibration of your soul, who expanded because of your desire, and the vibrations you’re now transmitting when you focus on the lack of manifestation.

So if you immediately start practising new thoughts about your desire, they’ll bring you new ideas about new actions to take – and you’ll begin to move you towards your dream.

You cannot separate yourself from your soul or inner being.  You can deny its presence or ignore its guidance, but you’ll never be separated from it.

The amazing feeling you feel when  you have a flash of inspiration, is you being tuned to the same frequency of your soul: when you feel anything from contentment to optimism, excitement, enthusiasm, trust, hope, compassion, gratitude or appreciation – you’re in tune with your soul.

The bottom line …

The bottom line is that creating a happy and successful life is the most spiritual thing you can do – as well as it being the greatest feeling ever!  It’s the feeling of alignment: the feeling of ‘coming home’.

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