What’s in Bach Rescue Remedy?

“Oh, I’ve tried Rescue Remedy – and it didn’t work for me?Thumbs_down
I don’t often hear this, but when I do, I am firmly told, “Rescue Remedy doesn’t work for  me” and the Thumbs_downimplication is that they wouldn’t waste their time trying it again.

Perhaps you’ve been disappointed in the results of Rescue Remedy.

Simple reason 

If so, there is really a very simple reason for this, but first I’d like to quickly give you an idea of how the Bach Flower Remedies work.

These natural, simple and amazing remedies are made by a particular process that transfers the flowers’ energy into pure mineral water. The essences are then preserved in brandy (hence they smell and taste like Christmas pudding).

vibrations-2Vibrational remedies

They are vibrational remedies. You know about energy and vibrations and how the frequency of vibrations always match. Radio, TV and your phone to mention a few, all work by matching frequencies of vibrations.
Bach Flower remedies are the same. The vibrations of the remedy you take must match the energy of your feelings otherwise they won’t work.
If you have taken a Bach Flower Essence and you haven’t felt any change, then – it’s really simple – the remedy you’ve chosen is not a vibrational match to how you’re feeling.
It can be tricky identifying your feelings, and it does take time to understand the different remedies. (The Bach blogs are to help you do both).
Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 remedies to be used in emergency situations and not a panacea for all ills.

Snapshot of the 5 remedies

Star-of-B-2 (2)Star-of-B-2 (2)Star-of-B-2 (2)Star of Bethlehem.
This remedy is used for those suffering from the shock of trauma, grief and sorrow.
Rock Rose
This remedy is for the state of acute fear and feelings of panic. I believe this is probably the reason why it’s taken so frequently, as it quickly calms fears.
Cherry Plum
If you’ve ever said ‘I’m losing it!’ then you’re in a Cherry Plum state. It’s the state of feeling you’re pushed to your limits and losing control of mind.
This is for irritability and is probably the main reason why Rescue Remedy. If you’re ‘in a hurry’ and get irritable when people and circumstances are not moving quickly enough for you, then you need Impatiens.

If as a result of shock, you’re feeling faint, or even become unconscious, then Clematis will help ground you, so that you can focus on what’s going on around you.
Rescue Remedy will only work if you’re in one of the above situations and feel one of these emotions.
If you’ve been taking it to give you confidence – then it won’t work.
Rock Rose will take away the feelings of panic, but won’t give you confidence. Larch will do that.

There are 38 remedies, all of which have their different characteristics. If the remedies you’re taking are not helping you – then you’ve ‘missed the target’ and as we know, a miss is as good as a mile.
If you’ve not ‘matching’ the remedy to how you feel, then the remedy is not going to work.
If you’d like to learn more about your emotions and learn more about the Bach Remedies that’ll help you, so you can be confident and happy more frequently, then why don’t you join me on my on-line course?

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