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It’s a glorious morning.  The sun is shining and the bird are singing.  Spring is truly bursting out all over.
However, even though a blue sky and the warmth of the sun does change how we feel about life, still  we still have troubles and woes to deal with.

The Bach Calendar  Boiling method

In the Bach Flower calendar, Oak and Gorse (made by the Sun method) are in flower during April and over the next few months, so are Elm (very tricky to find) Aspen, Beech, Chestnut Bud, Hornbeam, Larch, Star of Bethlehem and Walnut. These remedies are made by the Boiling method.

Each remedy has a personality

Every remedy has its own personality, just as we do.  Although there are only 38 remedies, some of them are similar, so chosing the remedies that best suit you can be confusing.

Here is something that could make a difference to you.

You’re familiar with Rescue Remedy and although it does help us in everyday situations, it is not a panacea for all ills.  Remember there are 38 remedies all of which have a ‘character’ or a personality – even if that part of our personal only surfaces some times.

The ‘Bach Calendar’ indicates the order in which Bach discovered some of the remedies.  He discovered some remedies for his patients (remember he was a medical doctor with a practice in Harley Street in London) and some remedies he discovered because he needed them Bach-drawinghimself.

The remedies he discovered for himself are for the emotions we feel as a result of the stress and strains of everyday life.

I’ve written about Larch. Larch was one of the remedies Bach needed for himself.  Just in case you’re new to Bach and the blog, Larch is for lack of self-confidence that comes after you’ve suffered a ‘knock’ that has knocked all your confidence out of you.

Now, you know I like to think and ask questions – so my immediate question is “what knocked the confidence out of Bach that put him into the Larch state?”

Bach was singled-minded about becoming a doctor and searching for the cause of disease.  What could possibly have knocked the confidence out of him?


Introducing Elm – a remedy of self-determination

Elm-Cubria 2012 (3)Elm-Cubria 2012 (3)

Let me introduce you to Elm.  A magnificent remedy that I know well.

By the spring of 1936 Bach had discovered and published 19 remedies.  He must have thought his work was complete.  But, perhaps a message was coming to him that more remedies were needed or perhaps he was beginning to feel emotions that were not covered by the first 19 remedies.  Can you imagine his reaction?  Despair?  Overwhelm?

He must have begun to question his path – and more importantly he must have started to question his own abilities.  “Can I do this?”

Bach wrote this about those in need of Elm.

At times there may be periods of depression when they feel that the task they have undertaken
is too difficult,  
and not within the power of a human being”.

Bach must have felt overwhelmed by the enormity of his work and the heaviness of  responsibility.  After all he was looking for a simple and natural healing method that would heal disease.   He wrote …

“…. Those who are doing good work, are following the calling of their life,
and who hope to do something of importance, and this often is for the benefit of humanity”.   

From those words, you can see that Bach clearly must have felt that he’d undertaken something so difficult – that it wasn’t even within the power of one man!


Bach put Elm into the group for Uncertainty.  When I’m in need of this remedy, I don’t recognise the feeling of ‘uncertainty’ or the Elm state, it’s so subtle. Or perhaps I’m so caught up in my mind, trying to work it all out, that I don’t recognise the feelings of being overwhelmed not only by not knowing how to go on – but constantly questioning can I actually do what needs to be done to follow the call of my soul?

This is the Elm state

Would you like to know more about this simple and most effective method of healing that can truly heal your hurt, give you confidence and so can change your life?
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Over to you

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Rose Todd

  • Erica Brown says:

    I’ve become aware how often others notice how effective these remedies are being before we do, because we are not aware of the gentle progress we are subtly making from day to day.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Erica. Thank you for writing. It’s very true. We don’t really notice how we’re changing (after all a fish doesn’t know it swims in water – it just accepts it as the ‘norm’. Others do notice our changes before we do. The remedies are gentle and subtle. Sometimes, when I’m ‘better’and I think back to where I was, I can see how far removed I’d become from ‘my self, and where I am now it amazes me. The power of the remedies never fails to amazing me. Thank yo once again for your comment. I do appreciate it. Take care. Rose

  • Sue Pready says:

    Hi Rose – I’ve really enjoyed reading your post about the elm remedy – thank you so much. I have a small flat piece of burr elm which I bought many years ago at a woodcraft fair in North London, where I originally come from. It remains an ever faithful companion sitting on my office windowsill right next to my desk … a reminder of how precious our trees are, especially those that were once almost completely lost…

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Sue. Thank you for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog.
      The Elms are not doing very well at all. They hardly live more than a couple of years and its rare that one reaches maturity.
      We should take better care of our trees.
      How nice to have a little piece of Elm wood. I must keep an eye out for one too. It seems your’s has been a faithful firned and has help hold your determination firm.
      Good to hear from you Sue.
      Lvoe Rose.

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