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At the beginning of each new year I receive what I loosely call ‘predictions’ for the coming year from various spiritual teachers.  The first one to arrive in my in-box was written by Jennifer Hoffman (who channels Archangel Uriel).  Jennifer is also an astrologer and a numerologist.  I feel that her predictions are drawn from astrology and how she sees it affecting us, rather than being channelled by Archangel Uriel.  2017-energies_and_tone

However, there are two or three very interesting things in her 2017 predictions that I thought might interest you because they are akin to my philosophy on life.  I’ve taken some direct quotes from Jennifer’s write-up and I’ve also taken some of her phrases and words that triggered ideas that I thought you find interesting.

Our manifestation powers are strong now and we create with our thoughts.  And we can use the energy (of 2017) in any way we want to, so keeping the focus on high frequency expansion, and the world we want to live in, as opposed to being discouraged by what we see as a ‘world gone mad’ is important”. 

“Every time I write any annual prediction, one word or phrase stands out as the predominant energy for that year and in 2017, it is ‘Devine Congruence’ which means integrating our divinity into our humanity and becoming divine humans’…….   we are …..not getting rid of the ego so we can be more ‘spiritual’, or denying our humanity because it is less good or acceptable than our spirit’. 

I know that you joined me because of my teachings of the Law of Attraction.  We all want to change things in our lives that cause us pain.   We think that once we have got what we want, ie the solution to our pain, then the pain will go away.  And yes, it will.  But …

We are creators and we are creating everything in our lives, but there is something more behind this whole process, which I’d very much like to share with you.

Let’s go back to Jennifer’s phrase “Divine congruence – which means integrating our divinity into our humanity and becoming diving humans”.

You know me – I’m practical!  That sentence sounds great – but what does it mean to you and me in our everyday lives?

I’ve been dropping hints about this in my workshops and talks – perhaps you’ve picked them up?

The essence of my teachings is about bringing our soul into our daily lives: bringing ‘heaven down to earth’.
To me ‘Divine Congruence’ is living your soul’s dream – which means living your life with passion, purpose and meaning.

If you live from your heart, you’ll always be checking in with the questions “what would Love to now?  How would Love handle this?”  This is my understand of living in Divine Congruence as you would be consciously on the path of becoming a divine human, moving away from fear and towards Love.

There is another point that Jennifer raised that I’d like to talk about because it was something Lazaris mentioned, although Lazaris used different words.

… there is a focus on the merging and balancing of the divine masculine and feminine as part of our divine congruence…”

If you’ve been reading and listening about creating your own reality and its spirituality, you’ll have heard the phrase ‘the paradigm shift’.  Last year when I went to a Lazaris seminar, they mentioned that the paradigm shift was a “balancing of the masculine and the feminine”.

Again – lovely words – but want do they mean?

We live in a predominantly ‘masculine energy’ world: it is the world of action; ambition and analysis – as well as male chauvinism. And you can see how we’ve built our lives on this foundation.  In this masculine world, the feminine has no power.  And yes, I mean females were not given any acknowledgement in life.  They had no ‘power’.  But also no credence was given to emotions and creativity – both of which are pure feminine energy.

We don’t need to get ‘rid of our ego’, we also don’t need to ‘get rid’ of our masculine attributes.  We live in a physical world of relativity so we need the opposite energies of masculine and feminine to create our physical world.

joyThe paradigm shift; the ‘Divine Convergence’ is bringing the masculine and feminine into balance so they can dance together in perfect unison of positive creativity and inspired action.
Then we’ll be walking in Divine Congruence; then we’ll be living our soul’s dream – and then we’ll be happy and successful, living significant lives, rich with meaning and deep with love.

And who could want for more?

So where do you start?  You start by bringing your dream alive with inspired action.  The 30 Day Diary is the ideal tool to help you clarify dream and bring it into reality.  (And it just so happens, that I have a very special offer of Free Group Coaching if you invest in the 30 Day Diary before 6pm on Thursday 5th January.

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