7 Tips On The Power Of Your Desires


2017 is nearly here.  Have you decided to dream big and bold this year?  Are you going to seek adventure and fly high?

Imagine thinking back over 2017, what exciting things would you like to have achieved? Would you like to do a hang glider free fall drop from a hot air balloon?

Where do you want to go?  Do you want learn a new skill?  How do you want to change?

Whether you realise it or not, we’re all be wanting to start new projects in 2017 – and yes, that does include you too.  We all like to begin new things – and beginning a new year is a big deal for us all.

And the only place you can begin is, with your dreams and desires, and believe it or not, happiness is our ultimate goal. 

Everything we want or do in life, we want it or do it for one reason on, and that is because we believe it will make us happy. 

So here are some thoughts for you to consider about your desires.

7 Tips to help keep your projects manifest.

  1. Your desires are the most powerful motivators you have. If you lose motivation, your desire is not strong enough – so find a bigger and bolder desire!
  2. Desire is an alive feeling of excited anticipation.
  3. Your belief system determines what you allow yourself to want, and even what you dare to dream. Use affirmations and visualisation to create new positive beliefs.
  4. You have to constantly adjust and correct your course, as new information becomes available.
  5. Always be open to getting more than you imagined. (Getting more than you imagined is called a miracle).
  6. Your ultimate desire is happiness.
  7. The secret about desire is that you can have your ultimate desire, right now – if only you would allow it.

Since the beginnings of time, learned men have been telling us to follow our heart’s desire: to do what ‘lights our light’ and also to ‘look within’.

What lights you up within?  What is your dream?  I hope you have the curiosity and the courage to create your dream and hold it until it manifests.

Happy New Year.  May 2017 be a really good year for you. Dream big. Dream Bold. Fly High!      this-and-that

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