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Under Stress?

How often do you feel you’re under stress?  Proably more often than you realise.
In this moment now, you’re either enjoying or not enjoying your life. If you’re not enjoying it, what’s stopping you from doing so?  I can here you saying “STRESS!”

We talk a lot about stress these days. Everyone seems stressed out by something. Stress seems to be the ‘buzzword’ and we use it to the point where it’s become a cop-out. “I can’t do that/come with you/go there – I’m under a lot of stress at the moment”.

What causes us stress? It’s my belief we feel stressed when life happens to fast for us to deal with and we’re reluctant to change and adapt to circumstances.

We’re never going to be ‘stress-free’ because life is always changing and we are continuously growing.  Our reluctance to change and adapt to changing circumstances puts us into stress-mode.

Natural and Simple

The Bach Flower Remedies is a natural and simple way to heal your stress. The remedies heal and soothe your negative and uncomfortable feelings.  Just choose the remedies you feel suit you, take them at least 4 times a day – or often if you feel it necessary and you’ll begin to feel better quicker than you realise.

It can be a little tricky to choose the best remedy for you, so I can offer you two simple Bach Flower guides to help you choose.  Just click the image below and I’ll pop them in the post for you.

Bach Flower Remedy Guides

But while you wait for your Guides to arrive, here are a couple of remedies that might be helpful to you.

The first thing to remember about the Bach Flower Remedies is that they heal emotions – not situations.  It doesn’t matter what your situation is, the important thing is how you feel, and react, to that situation.

Your story carries your feelings.  What feelings does your ‘stress-story’ carry? Irritation? Anxiety? Fear that could be panic? No confidence? Overwhelm?

I’ve written about self-confidence, anxiety and being impatient and irritated in previous blogs, so this week I’d like to introduce you to two lesser known remedies that perhaps you need when you’re stressed, but haven’t realised it.

Most people automatically reach for Impatiens (or Rescue Remedy) when they’re irritable and cross. But Impatiens isn’t the only remedy for being impatient.

Beech also gets irritable and cross but for a different reason to Impatiens.

Impatiens is irritated by slowness. Those in need of Beech are quick to judge others and are irritated and intolerant of the characteristics of others.  They only see what’s wrong with people and in the world.

If you’re irritable and take Impatiens when you need Beech, yes, it’ll reduce your irritability, but you won’t feel completely better. This is the sort of situation that gives rise to the cry ..  “Bach Flower Remedies don’t work”! They do work, but you have to take the remedy that best suits how you feel – and why you feel like that.

Impatiens is irritated by slowness. Beech is irritated by the habits and characteristics of others! Which one do you really need?  Or do you need both?

Here’s another remedy you might need. The remedy for ‘being overwhelmed’ – but not by the volume of work that has to be done – but by the heavy responsibility that the job carries. For example, if you’re organising your daughter’s wedding. It’s going to be a big affair with friends and relatives traveling from near and far. And you are arranging and managing the whole event. It’s a huge responsibility.

Those in need of Elm feel inadequate to the job and are overwhelmed by the responsibility of the work they are to undertake. They think they don’t have the strength to achieve it all and, in an effort to get it all done, they suffer with temporary exhaustion.
Temporary doubts about their own capabilities and whether they are suitable for the job or not, lead to feelings of despondence and exhaustion.

The despondency and depression of Elm are sneaky. They creep up without you realising it – and suddenly you’re ‘there’, discouraged and depressed – and you can’t work out what you’re feeling and how you got there.  Elm works a treat for me in this situation.

(Elm is not the remedy if you feel overwhelmed by too much work). Its for when you’re overwhelmed by the responsibility)

Bach Flower Remedies Work

They soothe and heal your negative and uncomfortable feelings. They really do work but you have to take the right one for it to work. If you dont take the right one for your feelings it wont work!  It’s a bit like putting diesel fuel into a car that needs petrol, and then complaining that the car doesn’t work!

Don’t forget, click here if you’d like to get your Free Bach Guides to help you choose the best reemedies to help you deal with the stress in your life.

Over to you

As always I love hearing from you, so please leave your comments in the Comment box.  I’d love to here your stories about the Bach Flower Remedies. Thank you.  Take care.  Rose.

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