Law of Attraction and Wimbledon

Before the Men’s final at Wimbledon on Saturday afternoon, the words “TENNIS IS A MIND GAME” flashed across the TV screen and oh, my goodness, was it ever.

  law-of-atraction-and-wimbledon.Did you watch? I did. Two brilliant players and both wanted to win. They edged their way forward to 5 sets. 4 hours and a handful of minutes later, one emerged victorious – (no, not that one, the other one won).

Well, of course, victory is part of the game. But this winner was triumphant!

What a powerful creative energy that is. Try feeling triumphant during your next visualisation and notice the results.

Both men have the potential to win such a tournament. Both men have the power to win – not just physical power – although there were plenty of examples of physical strength as they thrashed around the court – but also the mental power that comes with focus.

Behind that moment by moment focus (definitely living in the now) was the goal that they have lived and breathed since childhood. They lived in the moment while drawing strength from their dream.

I’d just like to point out that you too have within you, the same potential as those two men.

You have the same potential as an oak tree to produce unlimited acorns: the same potential as a sunflower to produce unlimited quantity of seeds. You have within you, the potential to do whatever you dream of doing – the possibilities are endless – and I mean, unlimited/endless.

However the probabilities – how many of the possibilities will you bring to life – will depend on you and how you use your personal power.

What is your personal power? Your power lies in the choices you make and in your ability to take action on those choices!

It is part of your will – not your ‘will power’; that generally implies determination – your willingness to take action on your choices that will bring some of your potential into possibilities and then into probabilities.

You have within you the power that creates worlds. And just in case you not quite sure about this – you have already created your life – even if it’s a complicated mess, look at how clever you were to create it without knowing what you were doing.

Just think what you can create if you create consciously.

Our lives are a mind-game too; although possibly not as stressful as 4 hours on Centre Court playing the Men’s Finals. But do you live as those men did during those 4 hours? Do you monitor every thought and feeling making sure you immediately weed out the negative thoughts and stay focused on the dream?

It’s a very tricky thing to do. But to get where you want to go, that’s want needs to be done.

So, I’d just like to give you a little reminder: The law of attraction doesn’t know, or care, whether your vibration is coming from something you’re remembering from the past or something we are imagining about the future or even imagining in this present moment – it just responds – it always, and only ever, responds to how you truly feel.

You are unlimited potential and every possibility and probability available to you. You have the power within that creates worlds.

So – what’s holding you back?

My Bach Flower Essence Tip:

Still working with Wimbledon, I’ve chosen Gentian.

Gentian is for disappointment; being discouraged and even depressed as a result of a set-back. So when you don’t achieve what you were hoping for, Gentian will soon heal your disappointment.


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    Really good blog, Rose. xx

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