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The Dog, my brother and I were out for our morning walk around the local roads and lanes. ‘Walk’ is a loose term you understand, because its pace is entirely dependent on how many interesting things The Dog wishes to explore.

However, on this particular morning, there wasn’t much to capture The Dog’s attention or delight my brother’s camera and we were walking quite briskly. On this route there is a very large, established Ash tree. We were only about 20 yards from it when there was an almighty cracking sound and this huge branch crashed onto the road.

Releasing dead wood

As you can see it not only is a very large branch, it was a sizeable portion of the tree.

After we had walked around it; discussed it from every angle; taken photographs and cleared the smaller bits of wood from the road, we set about moving the branch to the side of the road. No easy task! Even with the two of us tugging and pulling; it was extremely heavy and difficult to move.

Photographs taken: the tree moved: job done. And as we continued our walk, my thoughts naturally turned to the philosophy of the incident.

The branch was dead. The weight of the dead branch was obviously too heavy for the tree to carry – so it ‘dropped’ it.

You know where I’m going with this don’t you?

We are like trees. Every experience; every thought we’ve had and every feeling we’ve felt has grown the branches of our lives and created where we are today.

Holding on

However we are inclined to hold onto our hurts long after the events have passed. These experience become a dead-weight and are heavy for us to haul around. They become dead wood.

Do you know that in spring, when the sap rises, there will be new growth? A host of new fresh green shoots and young branches will grow in place of the huge dead branches.  

When we release our dead wood, let go of our hurts, fears and anger: when we let go of our limiting beliefs about life and ourselves, the ‘sap’ rises in us too. Our creativity flows and we are flooded with fresh new ideas and possibilities. We start new projects and life just gets  better and better.

The moral of the story is releasing the unwanted creates space for the new.

PS: I thought you might like to meet The Dog – Isla.


If you’d like help releasing your dead-wood so you can move on with your life, then have  look at The 30 Day Diary.  I designed this to give you a fail safe strategy and some proven tools to help you release the unwanted so you can embrace the new.

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Rose Todd

  • joanne cooper says:

    Welll said Rose .Nature has the right formula for regeneration.We could learn so much if only we stopped to listen more often .Off now to sort my dead wood..

    • Rose says:

      Hello Joanne, Good to hear from you. I love it when I can use the abundance of nature t illustrate a point. As its winter, you can burn the dead wood you clear out. Keep well. Rose

    • Williamwer says:

      I am so grateful for your post.Much thanks again. Want more. Peagler

      • Rose Todd says:

        Hello Peagler. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you writing. There is a new blog up most weeks. If you sign up to my website, not only will be receive a re e-book 7 Secrets of Manifestation, but you’ll also receive my emails telling you when the blogs are on site and the other things I’m doing.
        Thank you once again. ~Rose

  • Beverley says:

    Well said Rose, please you all escaped unhurt – that was some piece of dead wood!!
    Bev 🙂

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Bev. Thank you. It was a huge branch that would have broken bones if we’d been 20 yards closer. The Universe is good. I think we can thank The Dog for stalling us further down the lane. Keep well Bev.

      • Krishna says:

        Yes walking the dogs is great

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hi Krishna. Always a good thing to do. Rose.

  • Susi Jones says:

    Synchronicity of nature. Wonderful reminder and as always perfect timing Thank you Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Susi. Thank you for writing. I do love the synchronicity of nature – and synchronicity in general. It’s like having a string of miracles – isn’t it.
      Glad you enjoyed the blog.
      Take care

  • chantel says:

    hello Rose ,morning like share ,rock from secret be gratitude for very day ,say thank you thank you thank you ,all things in my life.I believe in secret very thought we think creates life we want.Like share jobs I created a cleaning job to carer as my dream job got it ,then created a another cleaning job ,now a carer ,create this ,love thank you ROSE as help very one with your love and kindness ,as loving coach share our story,s so thank you x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Chantel. Gratitude is a very powerful creating energy and one we don’t use enough. As you mentioned, saying Thank you, three times, and meaning, generates really good energy. You’re doing really well. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  • chantel says:

    Hello Rose ,we all made of energy like tree,s and we all experience things help us grow ,like walking dog and tree had drop the dead wood ,grow new seeds like our thoughts change very day we plant new seed like grow ,like a flower in ground ,why love watch tree,s grow change colour in winter months in woods .like share with you .thank you story x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Chantel. I agree there is much to be learned from observing nature. I too love autumn. Thank you for writing in. I love receiving comments.

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