Law of Attraction and Transformation

On Sunday I went to a gathering in Bournemouth called The Giving Back Conference.

It was a good day with 4 very inspiring speakers – it was just up my street! In one way or another, they were all talking about transformation. So I thought today, I would too.

law-of-attraction-transformationWe know that transformation can be instant – after all, look at Cinderella – she went from rags to a princess with a swish of a wand.

And then there is Saul. Do you know the biblical story of Saul?

Saul, to put it bluntly, was a ‘non-believer’ and he was going about his business, riding to Damascus, when he was struck by a bolt of lightning.

It could be said that he then ‘saw the light’ and changed his name to Paul. The only problem was that Saul was struck blind. (No one tells us if the horse went blind too! That always worried me.)

Sometimes when my problems seemed huge, I would ask God for the bolt of lighten that brings transformation – but, please not as strong as the one He sent to Saul. I suppose I could have asked for a Fairy Godmother and a wand – perhaps it would have been easier, but I didn’t think about that.

One or two of the speakers had mentioned ‘pillars’ in their talks. Pillars! Images of the Iconic pillars of Greece flashed across my mind. I like the idea of pillars holding up our life.

I knew I had notes on the ‘pillars of life’ somewhere so I started to look for them. What I found was a bolt of lightning, perhaps from my Fairy Godmother’s wand.

I sometimes work with the information from a group of spiritual beings called Galexis.

From an interview I had with Galexis in June 2010 I found the most amazing information – it has literary transformed me; it has changed how I see myself; how I look at life and how I see the work I do!

Fortunately, I wasn’t struck blind, in fact my eyes have opened up to a world I only dreamed was there. Now it seems, there is more than a possibility, perhaps even a probability, that I can bring some to manifestation.

Transformation takes an instant – but the results of the transformation take time to manifest.

It must be so, because we live in a time/space reality.

Although transformation is amazing, perhaps like a quantum leap, but one small change made every day can bring changes to your life, quicker than you realise.  

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