Mind the Gap

At some of the London Underground Tube stations there is a gap between the train and the platform. And a recorded voice booms out ‘Mind the Gap’!

This is good advice so you don’t slip between the platform and the train, but also when consciously creating with the Law of Attraction.

At one of my recent Master Mind Group meetings, there was discussion about having a spontaneous desire/thought and letting it go; not thinking about it again and the point of creating a vision board. These are contrary to each other.

I think this is a really good point and one that is worthwhile exploring – so I did.

If you’ve been consciously choosing what you create then you know there is a gap of time between the creative thought and the manifestation of that thought. If you attach intense emotions to your thought, then it will manifest quicker.

Our desires are spontaneously born and in that moment we feel absolutely great. If you just let that thought go, forget about it and become detached from the outcome, then in its own good time the Law of Attraction will deliver to you something with the essence of your request.

But what most of us do is fall down time gap between thought and manifestation. We start to justify why we need it or why we believe we can’t have it, or afford it. So we move from that wonderful exhilarating thought and immediately move into the disappointing and discouraging thoughts of ‘lack’.

So you are no longer the happy bunny you were when you sent out your desire.

By making a Vision board with pictures and photos of your desires, you have a visual reminder that takes you back into the exciting emotions of your creations. So in effect you are sending out another creative thought about what you want.

The vision board helps you hold the resonance, helps you to stay in alignment with your desires.

Now if we could all just think our wonderfully creative thoughts and then let them go without going into justification and lack, thus maintaining the highest vibrations, then there would be no need for vision boards as the time gap will become so small you would hardly notice it.

But until such time, the best piece of advice I can give you on this subject is Mind the Gap!

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