Law of Attraction: Mind Detox

If our ‘little’ moon can move all the water on our beautiful planet back and forth every twelve hours (and it does, courtesy of the law of attraction) then the ‘big’ planets must have an effect us too. Mercury, the planet of communication, is ‘retrograde’. This means, from our perspective, it seems as if Mercury is standing still – it isn’t. of course!

Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation as it seems all sort of communication-type-things go awry. You drop your phone: your computer crashes: you mistake the day or time of a meeting. But Mercury retrograde brings so much more than lost phones and missed appointments.

It also brings the opportunity to review where you are now.

As you know, now is the point of attraction, and you are creating more of what you feeling now. You also know that when you have repeated thoughts, particularly those with intense emotions, the law of attraction keeps sending you more and more similar experiences. And this then becomes your ‘truth’ and it becomes part of your belief system.

When something happens we don’t like, unless we make a conscious choice to think different thoughts; to create different feelings; the law of attraction will continue to send us more experiences that we don’t like. And that really isn’t much fun is it?

If you want to create the life of your dreams, then it is you that has to change – the law of attraction only ever responds to you.

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to go within and review your understanding of your beliefs. This can be hugely beneficial – so long as you don’t get caught up in the memories and the emotions of it all. Just review what has happened and decide what you’d like to change.

Law-of-Attraction-Mind-DetoxIt’s a bit like doing a mind detox – recognising where you are: acknowledging that you created it (you do know that you create absolutely everything in your life, don’t you – even the bits you don’t like) and now you’re in a position to review what happened to you with clarity and understanding.


Now, with your belief dissolved through understanding; perhaps the hurt and blame of the experience healed and soothed with Bach Flower Essences – you are able to write yourself a new belief; one that comes from the platform of “I AM worth it.”

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Rose Todd

  • Carl says:

    Thanks Rose, not thought about retrograde in this way before. Love your posts. Hope to come see you one day!

    • Rose says:

      Hi Carl. Thanks for your comment – its much appreciated. It suddenly occurred to me that we could use the energy to clear our and release stuff we didn’t want.
      I’m glad you enjoy the blogs. Thank you.
      Enjoy the next few weeks while Mercury is retrograde. It gets bad press, but doesn’t have to be that bad.

  • Cat says:

    fascinating Rose, thank you. Makes sense as to why every single technological device in my life has not worked and allowed me minimal communication the last week. Which has perfectly allowed me to take time to walk in the countryside nearby, relax, breathe and review. Thanks for the reminder not to get caught in the past, just to change bits. x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Cat. Thank you for your message. I love to hear from people. It does make sense doesn’t it. And I’m glad it reminded you to slow down and ‘get in touch with nature’. Its an over worked phrase, but it is so true. Keep well. Rose

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