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Christmas is nearly upon us again. I’m not complaining – I love Christmas. But I think I must be the oldest child on the block. However, if I had a complaint, which I don’t, it would be about how fast this year has gone by. It seems but a few months ago, that I was writing last year’s Christmas blog.

I asked a friend if she had any ideas for today’s blog and she suggested ‘gifts and presents’. A very Christmas-y idea. I like

Those of you who are Facebookers and have had time to visit the site recently, perhaps will remember that I put up a very nifty and interesting post last week.

Believe in yourself”. It was cleverly written,, with coloured type, and so it also read Be You! I liked the double meaning. And as the idea of gifts and presents can have a double meaning too, I’ve decided to pick up the baton my friend offered me and run with it – focusing more on gifts than the presents.

We are all generous at heart and we do love to give and share what we have. There is something special about each one of us and there is something even more special, because although many people have the gifts that we have, only we can express them in our own unique way. Each one of us is exceptional!

We all have gifts that we can share with the world. Sometimes we think we don’t know what they are but that’s because they are so much a part of our personality that we don‘t consider them special.

Every man, woman and child, has two very valuable gifts. These gifts are within us to use in every moment of every day. They are gifts of imagination and the gift of emotions.

We can imagine and create whatever we want to feel. We can feel so deeply that our emotions spark inspiration and our imagination flows. No one can take these gifts from us. They can be squashed, just as our spirit can be broken, but with tender care, the spirit can be healed, the imagination released and love rekindled.

Our emotions are a wonderful gift. Without our emotions, life would be flat, without colour or texture. We’d all be like Mr Spok from Star Trek. Emotions drive our lives and, as with our imagination, no one can take away this precious gift.

As you know, I frequently talk of imagination being our most powerful tool of creation. Add to this, the most powerful emotion ever, love, and you’ll be unstoppable.

When you’re filled with love; creating the life you love, you are radiating love and joy and you’re giving all those around you, the most precious gift you can ever give. You are giving them the gift of your love.

Have a wonderful, fun filled Christmas.

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