Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Brilliant.

The busy excitement of Christmas is now long forgotten, even though it was only 3 weeks ago. The flurry of New Year has passed. We drank to a brilliant 2016 and made lists of resolutions. But often by the time January brings in its second week, resolutions are forgotten…

What happens?

As you can imagine, I have several theories about this and I’d like to share one with you.

Diamond with reflectionThe title of this blog is Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Brilliant!     

If we follow our dream and stick to our resolutions, we’ll have to change and maybe even become brilliant.  Most of us are afraid of being brilliant. It means we’ll have to shine. And if we shine, then we’ll be seen and if we’re seen, that makes us vulnerable. And oh dear me, we really don’t like to be vulnerable!

Sitting with a glass of champagne it’s easy to plan big. Even sitting with coffee over your New Year’s day breakfast, while the world and day to day living seem remote, it’s easy to dream big. When you dream big, you’re being bold, brave and brilliant, even if it’s only in your kitchen.

Just touching briefly on the mechanics of the law of attraction, our beliefs create our life – always. For lots of us, our negative beliefs are creating more of our life than the positive beliefs (yes we do have beautiful and positive beliefs too).

Jeanine had just bought a coaching session as her 40th as her birthday present for herself.

There was one big problem that bothered her. She’d had a promotion at work and instead of being pleased with herself, her words came tumbling out… “I don’t deserve it. I feel such a fraud and I’m going to be found out. I compare myself with others all the time. I’m not as clever as some of the others. I think people think that I’m better than I really am.” And then she said very simply “I feel as if everyone is better than me.”

Haven’t we all been there? I remember the days when I wouldn’t do anything because I knew everyone else to could it better than me. And I used to feel that I could have done everything better. When we feel like this, it means we have no pride in a job well done.

Being pleased with our work and ourselves for a job well done is an absolutely essential part of believing in ourselves.  

You have to silence the inner critic that lives in your mind. One way to do this is to ask close friends and family what they think of you. You’ll get replies like ‘kind-hearted; generous; willing; clever’. But you wont believe them (because you know better), but if you chose one of those qualities and as you go through the day, you’re aware when you’re being kind and generous and also begin to notice when others are too.

Notice kindness and generosity. And because of the law of attraction, like attracts like, you’ll begin to bring more kindness to yourself and you’ll begin to change your perspective. And slowly, you’ll begin to believe in yourself more and more.

And slowly, but surely, you’ll become bold, brave and you’ll definitely allow yourself to shine brilliantly, (just like a diamond) – almost without realising it.

It’s always easier to take the first step when you have someone who has already walked the path to walk beside you and guide you.  You might like to consider coaching.

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Rose Todd

  • Very much enjoy this edition of your blog Rose, and am with you all the way.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Gillian, thanks so much for your comment – glad you liked it. It’s great to be on the same page!

  • June Sayer says:

    Thanks for this blog Rose, it certainly resonated with me.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello June. Thank you for leaving a comment. I do appreciate it. I’m glad that some of it resonated with you. Will it be easier to change something now? As we know, even a small change helps, because little is definitely more.
      Warm wishes. Rose

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