Law of Attraction. The Tortoise got it right!

Today, I thought I’d remind you of the old tale of the tortoise and the hare. Yes I know you know it and you know who won the race too. And yes it was the tortoise – so what’s new?

Do you realise that as the tortoise got it right…there might just be something we can learn from the tortoise, and so we can ‘win’ too.

You know the drill. Write out your dream in as much detail as possible. We’ve got to know where you’re going, otherwise we wander all over the place. Then you make plans of how you’re going to get where you want to go.

Break it down into goals that you can reach easily each day. If the dream or the main goal is too distant; if it’s too much like a Disneyland movie to you, you won’t believe you can get there.

You have to believe you can reach where you want to go before your dream can manifest.

You have to believe that you can become the person who would be living your life – or else it’s not going to happen. It’s a self-image thing.

If you want to lose weight, say 2 stone, so you can look particularly glamorous or suave for a special occasion in 6 months, you might not believe you can do it. It’s too big a jump for you to imagine (remember your imagination is your most powerful tool of creation).

Tortise-3So you do what the tortoise did. He put his head down and focused only on the next step in front of him.

He focused only on the next step.

So, you can do this too. If you break down what you have to do into small goals. 2 stone is 28 pounds. 6 into 28 = 4 and a bit. So you have to lose 4 and bit pounds every month, which comes down to a pound a week. You can imagine losing a pound a week – now it’s possible and you’ll do it.

We dream big, but we need to focus on the small things we can change every day. Tortoise philosophy makes good sense.  So here’s how you put Tortoise philosophy into practice.

Daily Disciplines

You need to make sure you incorporate your Daily Disciplines into your life. This is the best way to forge a new positive way of living.

You know them, but I’ll go over them.
1. On waking, think thoughts of gratitude and love – wonderful vibrations to start the day.
2. Throughout the day, be consciously aware of your thoughts: aware of what you’re saying to yourself and to others. (yes I know its hard). Immediately replace them with affirmations. Here’s a good one. I AM STRONG, GIVING, CARING, COMMITTED, ABUNDANT, ENTHUSIASTIC, PEACEFUL AND A BEACON OF LIGHT.  (Lots of positive stuff there).
3. Use ‘letting go’ techniques where appropriate (I use Bach Flower Essences)
4. Live ‘consciously’.  Choosing happy, grateful, loving thoughts = happy, grateful, loving feelings. Remember your feelings, in every moment, are creating your future.
5. Find half an hour a day to write out your goals, affirmations and your gratitude list. I strongly recommend the 30 Day Diary. It’s a brilliant way of bringing this all together.
6. Be aware of your thoughts before sleep. Run these through your mind, like an tape, I AM Love. I AM Abundance. I AM at Peace – and any others you’d like.

I can hand you the tools, but you have to pick them up and use them. It isn’t easy. No one who truly understands says it is. But if you want a better life than you’re living today, then this is the way to do it.

Have a look at the 30 Day Diary. Its a good tool that can help you.

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