Self-Talk Wins Every Time!

When I went grocery shopping last week, I picked up 2 boxes of tissues. Once home, I found I already had 2 new boxes in cupboard!  I now had 4 unopened boxes of tissues and 2 half full boxes about the place!   Was the universe trying to tell me something?

Two days later, a cold arrived – with a vengeance.   My mother always said that I was a ‘very untidy sneezer’ and that, together with what seemed like a constantly dripping tap on my face instead of a nose, I’ve finished 5 box of tissues.

Having spent four days on the sofa, watching junk on the TV and reading, I am sick of being sick!  So do I continue lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, or do I put into practice what I know works!

633-1Remembering that thoughts are magnetic and also remembering our inner self-talk is important as that’s what brings events, people and experiences into our lives, I decided a change of attitude was called for.  So I did just that and got off the sofa.

My son knows the importance of self-talk. 

My son entered the Yukon Challenge: the 6633 Race from outside the Arctic Circle to the Arctic Ocean.  This is a walking race of 350 miles which takes place in March each year.  With every step of his training he said ‘I-can-finish-this-race’. One word with every step he walked or ran:  ‘I-can-finish-this-race -I-am-good-enough’.

As you can imagine, it’s a gruelling challenge and few who start the race actually finish it.  It entails walking 20+ hours a day for 8 days in Arctic conditions, carrying or pulling your own tent and all your supplies.

Saying his mantra every moment he could, he soon began to believe he could finish the race.

And then he thought ‘if I can finish the race, then I can win it too’

So he changed the mantra and with every step he now chantedI-can-win-this-race’.       633-2

Not only did he win the race but he was also the only one of the  participants who actually finished the 350 mile Arctic trek along the Ice Truckers Road .

Our lives are created by the thoughts that we allow to run riot in our mind.  And we can train our minds.  And we can substitute something we want over something we don’t want.

The 30 Day Diary is an excellent tool to help you change your mind and to reset your beliefs about what you can do.  Have a look at it;  I know it can help you. 

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Rose Todd

  • Deirdre says:

    Hi rose love your weekly blog. Needed to hear that today. That little bit of a reminder to be mindful. Been in a fog lately a pea souper. Gonna get me a mantra lol

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Deirdre. Thank you for your lovely email. I’m glad the story hit the spot and is helpful. We’re inclined to forget that every word is important and we get so used to thinking the same thoughts, as if walking around in a fog, that we don’t notice the negative thoughts slipping in more and more.
      Good idea. Get a mantra going. Rose

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