Emotions Are The Power – Part 1

Emotions are the power. Part 1

It might seem strange to you when I say that emotions are your power, particularly when all your life your emotions have been dismissed and probably no one cared much about how you felt.
Over the centauries our emotions have been disregarded and diminished.  “Oh, take no notice of her, she’s just being hysterical!” – Or something similar.
(If only you’d known about the Bach Flower Remedies then, you could have healed your negative emotions).

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Generally speaking, emotions have been belittled and ridiculed for hundreds of years because science and logic were valued more highly than feelings.  You knew where you were with science – but emotions were all over the place, how could you possibly rely on emotions?

From a very early age we were taught that our feelings don’t matter.

But now things are changing.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the number of books, videos, workshops and course are focusing on Empowerment – particularly Female Empowerment.

You matter!  How you feel matters!
So, what is stopping you standing in your power?

In this, and the following two blogs, I’m looking at various situations and feelings that stop you and hold you back from being empowered.

In this blog I’ll cover anger (a really big one when you’ve been badly treated): Blame – so easy to do – and fear and panic.  If you feel any of these feelings – and I know you do, because I’ve felt them, and I used the Bach Remedies to heal them so I can stand in my power and live a happy and healthy life.

He Hurt Me!

William and Jack, both 5, were playing happily.  Then suddenly, Jack wanted the toy William was playing with, and he pulled it away from William.  William screamed in anger.  He was so angry that Jack had taken his toy!  William stamped and screamed and had a tantrum!

Perhaps an over simplified explanation. You too have felt insulted and wounded just like William!  You too have been really angry with someone for the way you were treated.  I know you have because it’s part of life!
Holly is the Bach Flower Remedy for anger, rage and jealousy – and a few similar feelings too.

Being Beechy

Betty was very set in her ways.  She was over 60 and she’d worked for the same company since her late teens.  She knew her job well and she what worked and what didn’t.
She was not well liked in the office because she was very critical and intolerant of the others in her team.  She criticised their habits, the way they spoke and dressed and their music.  And as for this constant obsession with their phones!  It was bad mannered – and irritating!

Beech is the Bach Flower Remedy that’ll change Betty’s outlook on life – radically. In fact, just a week after Betty started to take Beech, she was a different person.  You wouldn’t have recognised her.  Neither did her colleagues.  She even asked one of the ‘youngsters’ to help her with her phone!

Finding courage
Rock Rose

Mary’s desk was over in the corner, away from hubble-bubble of the main office and it suited her well.  The staff generally referred to Mary as ‘the frightened mouse in the corner’.  Cruel, but true.
Mary seemed to live in fear, but not just fear, she often seemed to be on the point of panic!  She could feel her panic rising from her stomach up to her chest and she could barely breath – and that was just walking to the toilets!

The Bach Flower Remedy for Mary is Rock Rose.  It’s for intense fear and panic.  2 drops of Rock Rose in her water, and within 3 days Mary was stopping to chat in the kitchen over tea.   (Rock Rose is in Rescue Remedy).

Perhaps you don’t need these remedies.  They’re only three of the 38 remedies thar cover every one of our emotions.  If you would like to know a little about all of the remedies, click here to get your free Bach Flower Guides.

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Over to you
I love to hear from you.  If you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful, please leave a comment in the Comment Box below.  Thank you.  Rose



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Rose Todd

  • Beverly says:

    I never realised that your opinions, feelings all contribute to your life. I knew about thoughts – but I suppose opinions are thoughts. Wow! Food for thought! Thank you Rose!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Beverley. Our opinions and our thoughts and feelings all come from our beliefs about ourselves and about life. It’s are beliefs that create our lives, moment by moment. So, we’re living our beliefs every moment. Just like a fish doesn’t know it swims in water (water is its natural habitat) we don’t know that we’re living our beliefs.
      One of the ways to change your life is to change your beliefs – difficult to do, if you don’t know what they are. But you can also change your life by healing your negative emotions. Emotions are everything – they are the language of the soul and our creative power. Healing your emotions, will change your beliefs and your life will change.
      That’s how powerful the Bach Flower Remedies are! (Love Them!!)
      Thank you for your comments. I do appreciate them.

  • Maria Day says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog. It’s great to be reminded just how important our emotions are. I test myself for a remedy most days using kinesiology and it’s amazing just how my emotions change from day to day. Thank you Rose xx

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Maria. Thank you for writting. I’m glad you enoy the blog. Our feelings are everything, and sometimes they’re so subtle you’re not really aware of them. Good idea to take yoru remedies every day, when you need them. Keep well Maria. Rose

  • K says:

    Hello Rose,
    Yes the Bach flowers are really amazing.I have been using them consistently for over two years dealing with many emotions.
    Rose would like to know if you have had any people suffering from bipolar and using bach flowers. Any success stories for bipolar or do we really need to go on meds and see a psychiatrist.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello K. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found it helpful. And I’m very pleased to hear that you have successfully been using the remedies.
      You ask about using the remedies if you suffer from Bi-polar. Yes, I have people who suffer with Bipolar symptoms and use the remedies to help them daily. Some are managing their sysmptoms themselves, some have saught medical help and are taking the remedies along side drugrs.
      I think its a personal choice.
      Remember that Bach Flower Remedies heal unwanted (negative) emotions. So its a matter of becoming aware of how you feel: being aware of how you respond to experiences of life and choosing the correct remedies to help you. Everyone is different and everyone, even if they’re all suffering with Bipolar, may need different remedies.
      Perhaps this is not quite what you wanted to hear, but it is how the remedies work.
      Keep up the good work K And enjoy the remedies.
      Warm wishes

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