Harness the Power of Positive Emotions–Part 3

Harness the Power of Positive Emotions – Part 3

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When you harness the power of your positive emotions you, literary, can transform your life.

For most of us, life is about ‘stress’.  That’s such an ‘unhelpful. Word because we’re all respond to life differently and so we’re stressed by different things and we feel our stress in different ways.

Life does not have to be about stress, fears, ‘what if’s’ and regrets.  We have the capacity and the ability to live our lives fully, without shame or blame or sadness.  And all it takes is a willingness to become aware of how you feel, and if you don’t like how you feel, do something to change it.


You have the ability and the capability, but are you willing to what it takes to heal your feelings and to harness the power of positive emotions?

The Bach Flower Remedies is a complete emotional healing system that can bring about deep and lasting healing.   There are 38 remedies in the system and the trickiest part is choose the remedy that you need.

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But what is a Bach Flower blog without mentioning a few of the remedies.

Foundation Remedies

I consider three feelings to be the foundation of our lives.  And so I like to call the remedies that will help us have these feelings the ‘Foundation Remedies’.

Lack of confidence
I don’t have to ask you if you lack confidence – because we all do at some time or another.  When you lack confidence, you’ll learn how to live within the ‘comfort zone’ of your life.  You’ll find ways to deal with your daily routine.  But if you have to do something that’s outside your comfort zone, you’ll become extremely anxious, perhaps even panicky.  You probably also believe that there’s no point in you trying, because you’ll get it all wrong anyway.

Lack of confidence: anxieties about coping with life: the belief that we’ll get it wrong make up a triangle of emotions that feed each other continuously.

Larch. The Confidence Remedy

I truly believe that confidence is the key to living a happy and successful life.  I also believe that lack of confidence can be lacking at a fundamental level and that can cause deep depression which limits and restricts what you do in life and also how much happiness you get from living life.

Larch will bring you confidence. After three days of taking Larch you’ll begin to feel a subtle difference.  Of course, if you’ve suffered badly from lack of confidence all you life, it’s going to take you longer to complete gain, and hold, your confidence.

Mimulus for Anxieties

Mimulus is the remedy for the anxieties you have about life.  If you know what you’re afraid of, whether it’s a spider, flying or money worries, if you know what you’re anxious about, then Mimulus will help you.
Anxiety is another feeling that’s going to stop you living life to the full: stop you for doing new things and generally stop you enjoying life.

Pine for Self Blame and Shame

We’ve all done things that we wished we hadn’t!  Strangely enough, it’s the way we learn.  We don’t like how it feels, so we don’t do it again.  Self-blame is another one of the ‘foundation’ feelings that stop us having fun in life.

Pine is the remedy that will heal your feelings of being ashamed and stop you blaming yourself for everything!

Power of positive emotions

Mix all three remedies together and you have a powerful mix and then you’ll be able to harness the power of your positive emotions and begin to live a life that’s filled with love and rich with meaning. Click here for the most effective way to take the remedies.

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(PS – don’t forget to get your Free Guides. They’ll introduce you to the Bach Flower Remedies and help you choose which ones will suit you best).

Over to you

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