The Power of Emotions – Part 2. Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

Dark Cloud Silver LiningYou may not believe it, but every dark cloud has a silver – and thar silver lining is the Bach Flower Remedies.  The Bach Remedies are a simple, natural and an easy way for you to healing your negative emotions.

The Bach Flower Remedies is an easy way to help you roll back the dark clouds, letting the silver light of hope shine out.

If you’re living in the fog or depression or perhaps with anxiety or sadness – you don’t have to. There is a simple, natural way of healing and soothing these emotions and lifting your spirits.

Welcome to my series of blogs on Emotions

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I’ve spoken a lot of about positive feelings, but rarely even touch on the low, heavy feelings that some people are ‘normal’.

These low and heavy feelings are so destructive: emotionally – certainly,  but also mentally as we can’t think clearly, and of course they affect us physically too.  Destructive emotions seem to overwhelm us and eat away at us, almost without us noticing. We become so used to living with our heavy emotions, so much so that they become ‘normal’.

Finding the right remedy

It can be quite tricky to find just the right remedy you need.  So I’d like to offer you two Bach Flower Guides to help you select the remedies that can help you.    

Sending for the Guides to help you chose remedies to help you, but I thought I’d take a quick look aat three common remedies.  They’re common remedies because they’re commonly felt feelings!

Deep and intense feelings are extremely destructive, as I’m sure you realise. and, i don’t mean to be pessimistic, but its difficult to pull yourself out of them and I really do suggest you try the Bach Flower Remedies.  Thes

These dark feelings, like depression, don’t come on overnight. Even if we’re not aware when it all began, there will be an incident that started it off. Depression comes from us depressing; suppressing; repressing some our feelings, perhaps anger or rage; blame or guilt. Or maybe from overwhelm and exhaustion and feelings of being unworthy and lacking confidence.

Living under a dark cloud


There are many remedies for depression, so it’s important to select the one that suits you best.  Here is a little about Mustard – the mose commonly bought depression remedy.

If you feel as if a black cloud comes down on you, out of nowhere, and you feel numb and disconnected from the world, then Mustard will help lift the fog.   The very strange thing about this remedy’s depression is that it leaves as quickly as it arrived – and suddenly you’re fine again.

Sweet Chestnut

Sweet Chestnut is generally described as the remedy needed for “the dark night of the soul”.  This remedy is for when you’re in the depths of despair: the depair that is called anguish and you wring your hands without being aware of it.  If you have feelings of absolute dejection and feel that you’ve reached the limit of your endurance,  all hope abandoned- Sweet Chestnut will bring the silver lining to the darkest of dark clouds.


Star of Bethlehem

Edward Bach called Star of Bethlehem “the great comforter”.  It is a brilliant remedy and one of the main remedies in Rescue Remedy.  Star of Bethlehem
is for shock and trauma.  If you’ve ever had the feeling of being “beside yourself” then Star of Bethlehem will “stick you back together again”.
It is also the remedy for sadness and sorry.


Taking the Bach Flower Remedies is not a ‘once-off-thing’.  Even if you’re taking the remedies to help lift your dark cloud, you’ll have experiences that will bring you uncomfortable feelings.   The Bach Flower Remedies is a tool you can use all your life, as I have done over the last 35 years.    I have a simple course that will give you a solid foundation of how to use the remedies and about each remedy too.  You’ll be able to confidently use the remedies yourself, your family and your neighbours too.    Click here to look at the Bach Flower Foundation Course.

Over to you.
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Rose Todd

  • Beverly Fox says:

    I never realised how powerful Bach Flower Remedies are. I have tried Bach Flower Remedies, but only ‘dipped my toe’ into them, so to speak! I’m so ready to start the course now!
    Thank you Rose.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Beverley. I hope all is well with you. Sorry I’ve only just seen your message. Bach Flower Remedies are incredible powerful healers. I love them! Yes you can pay for the course in 3 installments. Go to the website (here’s the link – ) and scroll right down to the bottom, until you reach the payment buttons – and see the installment option.
      I hope this is helpful – if you have any more questions, please email me on [email protected]
      Keep well

  • Sandhya Kavaiya says:

    Love the fact that whatever we as humans have given huge terms like depression, trauma, aggression etc have the most simplest of remedies really impressed with the Bach methodology

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Sandhya. Thank you for leaving a comment. And yes I agree. The deepest and darkest of our emotions can be heal in the morst simple and natural way – with the Bach Flower Remedies.
      Take care and enjoy the course. Rose.

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