The Happiness Habit

Beautiful woman outside in a park.A long time ago someone told me about an interview they’d seen on TV with an ‘old man’. Apparently he was a wonderful man.

The interview went really well, his answers were witty and spontaneous. They seemed to bubble up out of him. He was filled with fun and quick to laugh.

At the end of the interview, and the presenter asked ‘

You’re so happy, what’s your secret?’

The old man replied “I have no secret. It’s really easy. When I get up in the morning, I have two choices: I can be happy or unhappy. Which do you think I chose? I just choose to be happy. That’s all there is to it”.

It seems like an over simplification and you might think the old man isn’t walking in your shoes: living your life, but he isn’t the only one who thinks happiness is a choice.

Apparently, Abraham Lincoln said “You can be unhappy if you want to be. It’s the easiest thing in the world. Just go around telling everyone that things are not going well, and you’ll make yourself unhappy”.

And of course the same applies to being happy.  We can develop a habit of happiness. Start the morning saying –

“I believe this is going to be a really good day. Everything is always working out for me. 

I’m going to successfully and easily deal with all the day’s problems. I feel so good today; it’s wonderful to be alive. I’m grateful for all I’ve had, all I have now and all that is coming to me. All is well in my world.”

And like any prescription that will ‘make you feel better’, you should ‘take this 3 times a day’.

Frequency is the key to developing the happiness habit and it’ll build a good momentum too.

This is sound advice, but you and I know that sometimes unhappy and fearful thoughts really get their claws into us and it’s not possible to even remember the happiness affirmations, let alone say them as if you believed them.

When depression or disappointment settle in; or you seem to be drowning in sorrow and it seems ,that no matter how hard you try, you always feel you should have done better –  that’s the time you need help.

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. I can offer you a helping hand to show you a way through the forests of negativity and to discover the magical power of the Bach Flower Essences. And with a little time, you’ll find that the Bach Flower Essences become your best friends, as they are always there to help you get back on the track of the Happiness Habit.

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Please leave me your comments.  As always I love to hear from you.

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