I AM Responsible

Does that send shudders down your back?  Does it take you back to your childhood when you’d created havoc  and your mother is standing over you saying ‘whose responsible for this?!’  (But  wasn’t it fun?)

I don’t suppose you’d add it to your affirmation list either (which, if the words fill you with dread, I don’t think you should!)   Affirmations are positive, feel-good statements – but you already know that.

Accept responsibilityBy now you know you create your own reality, although you’re probably just focusing on what you haven’t got rather than how are’re getting there.  In fact, you created what you’ve created what you’re living now, too!   And, I’m very much afraid that what got you to where you are now, is not going to get you to where you’ve got to be.

At the risk of being boring, but to establish firm ground, our thoughts and feelings are creating our lives.  Yes even  the bits we don’t like.  What’s going on inside is creating what goes on outside.  We cannot change anything in our outside world.

My tag-line is Nothing changes until you do’. 

I’ve been told by the marketing-men in my life that that is enough to fill you with horror too.  ‘Change!  I don’t want to change.  I want them to change’ we all say.

But I’m afraid the system of the law of attraction doesn’t work like that.  The law of attraction only, and always responds to you.

To get where we want to be we have to practice, what I call, the 5 Rs and the first R is for Responsibility.

The basic starting point, is to accept the Responsibility for where you are in your life right now. 

You are where you are for a reason.  You are always creating of your life, moment by moment, whether it’s deliberate or not.  You may not consciously know why you are where you are, but some part of you in your subconscious mind, does know.

As soon as we can accept that we are solely responsible for our lives, the better.  No matter what we chose to think and feel, we can’t blame others for the choices we’ve made.

Accepting responsibility also means not feeling sorry for ourselves for the rough deal we’ve been handed, by taking hold of your life and giving it direction and reason,

The whole process of transforming our life to one of happiness and abundance begins with accepting the responsibility.  Accepting the responsible is the first step in becoming empowered to create and experience a life that can be truly defined by you; a life that carries meaning and love.

If you want to create a better life, then first you must accept total responsibility for your life.

Next week, I’ll introduce you to the second of the 5Rs.

And always remember that the steps of getting there are the qualities of being there.


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Rose Todd

  • Judy King says:

    Im feeling excitingly responsible for my life at the moment Rose!! I�m writing this from Pittsburgh USA having been asked to run a series of seminars (all expenses paid and paid to do it)! While the seminars are going on, I have been asked to do many more, so a lecture tour is looking very possible! My children are missing me in a lovely way and messaging me and appreciating me! David is sending me loving emails and missing me too. And most importantly, I am being looked after and feeling very rested and relaxed despite working really hard!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Judy. Yea! Can you hear me clapping and dancing around? How wonderful. This makes my heart sing. How wonderful to be sharing your work over in the States. That�s incredible. (But we always knew you�re brilliant!) They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I don�t think it does any harm for the children to miss you! And for someone else to miss you too!
      At last � being looked after! You never baulked at hard work � I�m glad life is good. It�s amazing what can happen when we accept the responsibility of our lives and guide it where we want it to go.
      Thank you so much for writing I do appreciate it and I�m truly glad all is well with you. warm wishes Rose

  • K says:

    How do I change?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello K. You change when you change your thought patterns, your feelings and your beliefs about who you are and about life. You bring about changes, the same way you built your beliefs – very slow, thought by though, moment by moment. It much easier with the help of Bach Flowers to heal your feelings.
      It might seem like a slow process – but it brings very good results – and often quicker than you realise. I hope this helps. Keep up your good work – it is bringing change. Rose.

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