The Answer to Successful Manifestations

A long, long time ago, I always knew I could make life work. I just didn’t know how I did it. I had no format to follow so it was a hit and miss affair.  Then in 1987, three or four of the spiritual teachers I followed and some of the spiritual books I was reading, started saying the same thing.  From several different sources came “you create your own reality”.  

In the early 1990’s, I started to consciously create what I wanted in life.Fairy godmother

The first thing I created consciously was brilliant.  It was so easy so simple! “YES.  I CAN DO THIS!!”  I was thrilled and so excited.  And everything after that, for what seemed like years, was a complete disaster.

So I thought about it, and my logic said to me…

“If you create your own reality, then the obvious thing is to find out as much as possible about how it works”.  

So I’ve spent a long time doing that. And slowly, but surely, with every ‘failure’ I got better and better at creating the life I wanted.

The Law of attraction

Now we come to the law of attraction.

I’d never heard the phrase ‘the law of attraction’ until 2007 when I read a little book called The Secret.  I’d not heard Conscious Reality Creation called the ‘law of attraction’ before then, even though I’d already been happily creating my life for fifteen or so years.

The law of attraction is a process of life: it’s how life works!  However, it’s been sold as a manifesting technique – but it’s not a manifesting technique.  It’s a natural law of the universe and it works whether you know it or not; whether you believe it or not.

Our whole universe is made up of electromagnetic energy.  That includes us too. vibrations-2We live in a vibrational universe, we are all vibrational beings and therefore, when we’re sick, we need a vibrational remedy; we need a vibrational method to make us well.  Altering the body might take away the symptoms, but it’s not going to heal the cause of disease.

Because our vibrations are felt in our bodies as sensations, by the time you get around to having symptoms and healing the body, it’s too late.  Our emotions (which caused our illness) have manifested in the physical. It’s rather like driving looking in the rear view mirror only.

But, if you can catch the emotion early; recognise how you’re feeling quickly enough and adjust the feeling while it’s still in the emotional stage, then you are going to avoid the physical expression of the disease (and stop some of your unwanted manifestations).

So, because of the mechanics of law of attraction, we create our lives with repeated thoughts with intense emotions.  If you don’t repeat your thought, it means you don’t have intense feelings about it.

 It’s the intense emotion you feel that creates your life.

Our repeated thoughts, with intense emotions builds a momentum and so our thoughts actually do become things. Einstein discovered his very famous formula E=mc2 . This means that energy becomes things: thoughts become physical manifestations.

Then, as a result of the momentum of repeated thought and intense emotions, we experience what we have been thinking and feeling – because an experience comes into our reality in a physical form, and then we say…

“See I knew it was true”  That’s how your thoughts, with intense emotions, manifest in your life and become a belief.

We have beliefs about everything: some wonderful positive beliefs and some negative, restricting and limiting beliefs.

It’s the negative beliefs, because of our intense feelings, create what we don’t want in our lives. We all have negative default programs formed by our beliefs.

So what creates our reality?

We create our lives from our beliefs with intense emotions which turn into beliefs which are lodged in the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind runs our lives.  

Emotions are language of the soul.   Emotions are our creative power and we always, always create more of what we’re feeling.   Nothing, nothing is more important than feeling good.  Nothing!  When we’re feeling good, it means we’re on the same vibration as our soul, and we are receiving the flow of pure loving energy – and life flows beautifully.

That’s what we’re all aiming for; to live as our ‘real self’:  living a life deep with meaning and rich with joy and love.

The Bach Flower Essences is a simple, natural and powerful method of healing negative emotions, healing and soothing negative emotions and beliefs so we can feeling good.

If you’re interested in using the Bach Flower Essences to feel good, and to keep your vibrations high, my on-line course is very nearly ready.  (I’m working on it as we speak).  Have a look. I’m sure you’ll love it.


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