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Transform your NormOver the last couple of days the words ‘the norm’ have come up in conversation more than a few times. As you may (or may not) know, I ‘read’ my reality. If I notice something once, it might register slight interest; if it comes up twice, I begin to sit up and take notice – but when I notice it for a third time – then something is definitely manifesting in my life.

So I’ve been thinking about ‘the norm’.

I wonder if you remember an analogy I often use – A fish doesn’t know it swims in water (even if it is beautiful crystal clear water of the Maldives). The ‘water’ is just ‘the norm’ for the fish: it’s the ‘environment’ in which it lives so it never questions it.

Since the Bach Flower Essence workshop, I’ve been working on turning the workshop into an on-line course. I’ve not done this before so the whole process was a learning experience. I had to farm-out the editing of the videos and slides to a professional (I accepted my limitations on that!) and although I thought I was well prepared, as I worked my way through the modules, I kept adding more of this and some of that – and this entailed a lot of changes with the experts who are working on my site.

I’ve been amazed at how focused I’ve been over the last weeks.
(You may have noticed – only 2 blogs and very few appearance on Facebook).

And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and I suddenly realised that this intense focus is outside my ‘norm’ and I haven’t been working to my potential.

Sometimes, if something happens that we don’t like we get upset, or angry or perhaps anxious. And if these intense emotions stay with us a few days, then day by day, we get use to them and suddenly, that state of being becomes our ‘norm’.

With focusing on creating the course, and the phrase ‘the norm’ came to me three times: feeling in a very good place: feeling great about my work each day: enthusiastic, alive and vibrant, I decided to look back to where I had been! I decided to look at my ‘old norm’ – which incidentally I’d become so used to – it really was normal and I felt ‘OK’ with it. But I do like my ‘new norm’ much better.

So, here are a couple of questions for you.

What is your ‘norm’?

Do you find you’re getting upset about what others say and do – especially if you can’t do anything about it?

Or are you finding that you’re always taking on things for others and you feel as if you’re only doing them out of sense of duty or obligation?

If so, unless you want to continue to sit on the slippery slope so that more of the same will manifest, then it’s time to take the bull by the horns: it’s time to Transform your Norm.

Start with easy things: become aware of how you feel and notice the words you say to yourself and others. Start ‘policing’ your thoughts and the words you use. Take note of just how negative your self-talk and conversations are.

Get out your affirmations – overhaul them; refresh them and make them relevant to you Now, in this moment. Or even looking at a list of positive words for a few seconds can make you feel better.

Try this every day for 30 days (and yes I know it’s a long time) – but just do it! This is the quality of your life we’re talking about here. Even after 7 days you’ll start to notice small changes coming into your, and then bigger ones too.
Tiny tweaks lead to big changes.

(If you’re interested, I took this beautiful photo on a holiday to the Maldives.  It is stunning and the sea is truly that colour).


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