Are You Vibrationally Ready? 

It’s a simple question and the answer is either Yes of No.
Well, it’s bit of an unecessarily question really, because if you were vibrationlly ready, you’d already have all the manifestations you want and you wouldn’t be reading this.

Vibrationally ready …

You are an emotional mix.  We have lots of emotion and feelings swirling around inside of us – but they’re not always positive emotions.  The perfect mix of emotions to become vibrationally ready to allow your manifestations is to be satisfied and eager for more.

In fact there is no better emotional mix than that.  When you’re feel satisfied and eager for more, you’re getting ready – emotionally ready – to receive your manifestations.

Satisfied and eager – not desperate.

You’ve got to be ready to receive your manifestations and when you are ready – you feel satisfied with life. You are not desperate because something in missing in your life.

There’s always going to be something ‘missing’: something new you want because that ‘wanting’, triggers new desires which allows for growth and expansion – and more exciting fun.

Receiving your manifestations is not about trying to work out how to get there. It’s about you feeling satisfied where you are and being feeling ready and eager for everything that comes.  It’s about being vibrationally ready.

Vibrational readiness is happiness and satisfaction.  You’ve got to find some way to feel good no matter what is going on around you.

Remember – you are bigger than your circumstances. (After all you created them unknowingly and you have the power to recreate them – knowingly).

Looking in the wrong places

Creating the right emotional stance is hard because without the things we want we can feel desperate.  But most people are looking in the wrong place – they look at what’s already manifested – which is old hat!

You spend most of your time thinking about what you haven’t got.

And so it is that you introduce resistance in to the equation.  By focusing on what’s not there – you’re not in the receiving mode.  You are not vibrationally ready.

Emotionally readiness

It’s all about your vibrational readiness – and your readiness is determined by your emotional state of being.

If you’re usually in a bad mood, you’re not in a good emotional state of being so there’ll be no good timing for your manifestations.  If you’re defensive, you’re not in a receptive emotional state of being.

Your emotions indicate your vibrational mix.*

But if you’re feeling optimistic and eager, you’re vibration ready.  You’re in the receptive mode.    

For example; perhaps you fall in love and you focus on each other for a while, and in your exhilaration, all kinds of things start lining up for you; because your focus and your attention is on love, love is holding you in the receptive-mode.

You have the ability to put yourself into the receptive mode-and you have the ability to focus on that mood so that it stays there longer. Now you’ve flipped your vibrational mix; so the timings are right and you’re more ready for more things.  And your desires are much easier to manifest.

And then of course it gets easier and easier.  It’s not difficult if you’ve living a lovely life to focus on your lovely life.  But some people who do have a lovely life, are focusing on one aspect that isn’t so good and they complain about the stuff they don’t like – and so soon the loveliness just dwindles away.

You cannot focus on the opposite of what you want
and expect to get what you’re wanting. 

Vibrationally Ready

If you can find a way to have good thoughts, be satisfied and have an excited awareness of what’s coming to you, you’ll become vibrationally ready.

It’s good to take action on ideas that feel good  and then all you have to do is manage your vibration for long enough – until you become vibration ready  – and then what you want will come into your life.

This can help you can become emotionally ready. 

  • Your emotions indicate your vibrational mix.  I’ve saying this for years.  This is why I use Bach Flower Remedies to help balance my emotions to stay ’emotionally ready’.        

Over to you. 

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Rose Todd

  • Erica Brown says:

    Beautifully and simply explained, thank you

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Erica. Thank you for leaving a comment and thank you for your very kind words. I do appreciate it.
      Hope the blog helps. Warm wishes Rose.

  • Andree Currie says:

    Thank you Rose for this gentle reminder not to focus less on whats not good in my life and to focus on the many things that are and are possible for the future. xx

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Andree. Thank you for writing and your kind words.
      We get so used to focusing on what we don’t want and our negative thoughts that is does us good to have a gentle reminder to shift our focus!
      Your so right – there are so many brilliant opportunities and possibilities for the future.
      I hope possibiliites are flooding to you now.
      Take care. Rose

  • Caroline says:

    Just wanted to add that I have been taking the flower essences and am enjoying them when it dawned on me to offer them to my fiancé. To my surprise he agreed to try them. So I put the drops in a glass of water and as it empties I keep filling it up. A strange thing happened. One of the essences was Gentian to help him have faith. One night we watched a wonderful movie on a famous woman who had tremendous faith and it guided her to live the life she wanted. The next day my fiancé said he wanted to go to church this Christmas. I almost fell over. He is a good person but doesn’t go to church and doesn’t really have a great deal of faith in them. So was it the movie or the flower essence or a combination of both? I believe both played a part in this. Merry Christmas

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Caroline. Thank you for your email. How wonderful! I’m sure you must be delighted to see the change in your fiance. I don’t beleive n coincidence. I believe it was the remedy that caused him to be open – and therefore ‘brought’ the movie to you to watch – so that that door could open.
      And Yes – both played a part! Thank you for your good wishes. Merry Christmas to you and yours too. Rose

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