Do You Have A Dream?

 (Part 1 of 3)

Do you have a dream that you’ve always wanted to achieve – and how much you yearned for it to come true.

Perhaps you dreamt of going travelling: to finish that big project you were working on: starting a new relationship or perhaps you dreamt of buying a new home.

Did you achieve your dream, or has it stayed just that, a Disneyland dream that floats through your mind while you lie on the sofa?  Perhaps day-dreaming is second nature to you?

Now – here’s a serious question for you.  As you have this dream, do you want your live the life you’re dreaming about?  To bring your dream into reality your answer must be a resounding YES!    If you shouted YES out loud, then making your dream come alive must become your first nature.

Success isn’t handed out to those who just have a dream. Realising your dream (making it real) takes commitment, clarity and often courage too.

Commitment – being dedicated

Here’s another serious question for you.  Are you really dedicated to changing your life and achieving your dreams?  Just before you answer, let me mention what’s involved in this journey.

You’ll travel a ‘million miles’ on this journey as it involves intention and discipline.  And it involves commitment above all else.

If you’re not committed to your dream, when you get disappointed and discouraged, as you will, then you won’t get up and start over!  To be successful takes dedicated commitment. But the rewards are so worthwhile!

Contrast brings clarity

If you’re not sure whether you’re dedicated to changing your life or not, then look at all the reasons why you can’t bear life as it is now.  Look at the things that are wrong in your life that you want to change.

The things you don’t like in life are absolutely necessary as they trigger your desire for something better.  This involves personal growth – and I know you’re probably not interested in personal growth – you just want the ‘stuff’ so you have feel better.

But bringing your dreams to life, is all about you!

The Law of Attraction

Now is a good time for me to give you a quick reminder that our universe is made up of electro-magnetic energy that vibrates – and that every one of your thoughts (yes, ever single thought) creates a vibration that goes out into the universe and manifests in your life as some experience.

Some of the teachings that are available today indicates that you can continue to lie on the sofa dreaming about marrying a prince (or princess) on a white charger, and said Prince (or Princess) will come to you.

Sad to say, this isn’t so!  Due to the nature of the law of attraction, your dream cannot come to you – you must go to the dream!

Your thoughts must be on the same vibration as your dream – all the time – before your dream can begin to manifest.

Frightened you away?


Have I frightened you away?  I do hope not. But there’s no point in pussy-footing around.  Creating your dream takes courage because you must change – you must change your thinking process.

And if you’re tried before, you’ll know that this is the most difficult thing to do!

You’re not alone

I’ve being creating my own life, my way for over 25 years.  I trod the path you want to take, and I have made a map to help you bring that beautiful dream of yours to life.

You have the power within you right now to make the changes that are vital to achieve your dreams. I know you can do it because the same power within each of us.

I believe in you – and if you really would like to live your dream; achieve your goals, I’d like to offer you the map and the support to help you reach your goal.

I’m hosting a Free Masterclass regualr webinar:

Step into Success  

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The webinar will show you how the law of attraction really does work, so you know how to work with it.  It’ll give you a brilliant tool and a proven strategy to work with.  And I’ll be there, with you, with coaching support to encourage and inspire you to keep going, even when the going gets tough – I’ll be there to help.

If you’re interested in joining me on the webinar just click the link and Register for the webinar.   I look forward to seeing you there.

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